Tuesday, September 23, 2008

yoolaaa all!

im currently at my mom's office ;D
ytd aft paul and i left the lib, went to bugis to get my shoes for work(F1) cause mine spoilt on my first day of work at Ritz Carlton -.- and so happen, i bumped into huiling, yiling and min kai, whereby all 3 of them is working with me. haha. so coincidental. went over to macs to slack and talked with paul. i love you girl! please give me more hopes of *blahblah wont let u know* . haha!
trained back to tampines and i bused to school for training, and paul went home. training was tiringgg, especially the unexpected last part where we did abs conditioning, and all the lights in the sports complex was offed. -.- righhhtttt.
after training, went over to prata place to eat with kelwin and sharon. lalalalalala, bused and train back homeeeee. homebound at 1230.

soooo yummyyyy, just had my lunchhhh. mom brought me down to vivo cus we had time and my uncle was in office. after eating, we shopped around a little and mom bought for me 2 dresses. HAHA! cooooool righhhtttt. come down office do nth and can even get to buy 2 dresses. 1 dress's damn cute, its got a hooooodieeeee. ;DDD but the hood's small. doubt im gonna wear it. laterrrrrr im gonna go my aunt's place at tampines to pass her sth my mom delegated me to. and off to school for training.

i cant wait for tomorrow! harry potter movie marathon at nonsense partner's place! im soooo gonna be the first one to turn up on her doorstep at 9am! MUHAHAHHHAHA!!! excitinggggg.

then, thurs afternoon shall be swimming and gyming with pearlan, since both of us are not attending training on thurs. i neeed to get my twopiece swimsuit cus i need to get the 1 piece swimsuit tanline off my back. but i've yet to buy that pretttty speeeedo oneeeee. :(((( gonna persuade mom to buy it for me.

ohyesss, im damn nervous for fri's work, the start of f1. dammmn scaredddd. i wonder how will i do. will i spill drinks?? will i stammer when the guests ask me sth? will i point wrong directions to the guests? will i give wrong info to the guests? goshhh, so many things going through my mind. i think i'll see LOTS OF tp students there. hahah. hello all.
shall end here, going to carry on my journey with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. toodles!

ever since THAT day
i've been think more and more
about you each day.
i dont think you'll know
but its just how i feel towards you
i've not given up on you
though i ought to