Monday, September 22, 2008


location: NLB, beside piggo pauline ding who was 30 min late in meeting me tday.

yesterday was funny. bro didn't go pasir ris park with us cus he had to do proj, so mom, dad & i went ahead. rode my bicycle firsr whilst mom & dad got settled down. then we played ballllll! ;DDD haha imagine 2 uncle & aunty and a young energetic girl playing ball tgt on a grassy patch. awww, so sweeet. we had the inflatable ball which we used to throw and kickkkk around. haha. so funny i tell you.. dad was like running all around cus he couldn't catch. funny o dad, time for some exercise. mom reckons this form of exercise is even better than running, cause we perspire more. haha.

had some tea break and went on to cycle. coincidentally bumped into choong, hong at soccer court. turns out that bert had a family chalet and called choong, hong, sky along to play. yeahhh. sth like that. so joined them for awhile till 6 and went back to family. left park soon and off to get dinner. since dad and i wanted to watch tv show at 7pm, we dabao our dinner home. haha.
oh mann, 2 fast 2 furious was superb! though i think i've watched it a gazillion times before.

at national library with pauline dinggg now and we're both in our own worlds with our laptops. haha! later i gotta go find shoes for F1 work, cus my pervious spoilt. yeah, hopefully i can find a nice black one which is not pointy(cus it'll kill if im standing for 16hhours) yet nice. HAHA!we'll seee about it. after which, shall be leaving for training at 545.
tml i shall be going down to mom's office, cus i've not been down since last month. yeah. and after that shall be training at 545.
wednesday is movie marathon at jia's house
thurs is gyming and dance
fri to sun is F1 work!

and guess what??! i've got 2 other things that's about to begin. think im gonna hav an event job which will be over 3 months, requiring me to work 3 days a week. mannn, with cheerleading training so intense, how am i supposed to squeeze in this? but i really hope i can make it man. and and and, im gonna start night classes pretty soon. haha. its for my other language. mom thinks its good to learn other languages. yeah. i know our sch offers CDS for other language, but its like kinda basic and i'd rather take other CDS like management or sth which u cant learn in outside centres. at least i can go french/jap school to take other languages. yuppppp. so 2 more things to squeuze into my schedule. hurhurhurhurhur. good luck with me coping in sem2. i gotta work doubly hard in class man.

david, cindy and i out.

some gay fashion works we saw at heeren. and that's the JUICE magazine david has to bring the next time we meet. HAHA! i bet he has thrown it away already.

more pictures coming up, stay tuned! ;D
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