Sunday, September 21, 2008

booooooo :( im not running standard chartered marathon already. cause hong didn't regiser for me and the registeration now is closed. *SIGHS* oh well, big disappointment, but what can i do. nevermind, i'll join next year or sth.
then again, adriel's giving me some hope now! he say he's registering on monday in SAA. i hope he can get me a place. i dont care what event i run, as long as i run im happy.

today's full of disappointments. our family's supposed to go pulau ubin today for bicycle riding and seafood dinner. but dad says now go too late already, cus when we come back there might not be a boat, plus, bro wants to use the car. den now i think we're going pasir ris park to ride bicycle and dinner somewhere. hiaxxxxx. nevermind, at least im spending time with the family(:

okay, off i go now. seeyou alllll!
p.s. i cant wait for wed's harry potter movie marathon! ;DDDDDD