Friday, September 19, 2008

helloo alll! i stayed over at class chalet last night! haha. it was a sudden change of plans and i had to cancel a couple of my other days activities so as to stayover ytd night.
lets get the ball of adventure rolling!
gymed in morning with robin, went pauline's house afterwards. talked, ate some food, and bathed. cabbed down to tm cus it was friggin hot. lunched at macs, saw stephen walk past macs twice, but he was too happy-in-love to see us. LOL. met the others at tampines bus interchange and bused down to our chalet, which was Cranwell Bungalow (: cooool bungalow, kinda similar to the one we had in our sec sch chalet (Chalet K- beside OCH) played some games. righhhhht, and my forfeit wasssssss; to kiss a pillow affectionately for 30secs. OHMYGOSH, so malu... but i did it anw. hahaa. left for class afterwards. dance was sweaty. hahaa. dad called halfway, saying he wants me home. did some stuff for him, went back to chalet. ateeeee foooood, played more gamessss. haha. gosh, ronney's forfeit was to piggyback me, and my forfeit was to sit on weiloong's lap. -.- SO FUNNYYYY!!!! -.-"""" blahhhh. mopped the entire chalet with paul's help. went to fetch pauline's friends, a big funny bunch of them with a cute little dog. haha. they stayovered at our room, and we went to the other rooms to play games with class ppl. then, realised some of pauline's frens were awake and decided to rope them into our games. hahaa. yupp. played till i lost track of time, and it was like 7am plus already?? everyone got tired and we dragged mattress from 2 rooms and combined them tgt and we all slept togetherrrr.
and i couldn't be woken up AS USUAL. and i was dragged on the mattress onto the bed frame. after some time i woke up! woooohhh. and i had 4 unglam videos of me in the process of waking me up. hahaha. shall post them once i get them. check out of chalet, went for mac brunch and had TCS (talk cock session).. hhhmmm, totally kept amongst the 7 of us. [: hahaha. trained home, put down my stuff, went online, gave instructions to yihui to book movie tickets and plopped down to sleeeep, without bathing. hhaah. i was THAT tired. woke up 1hr later from yihui's wakeup call. dragged myself up to bathe, change and left house. was late to meet the rest, but i wasn't the latest. hahaha. met tracy, yihui and tzehian for movie and short catch up session. caught disaster movie. hahha! i dont even know why i chose that movie, its so scarymovie-ish. kinda not worth to watch in cinema. hahaa. ohwells. dinnered at carls jr. talked, trained home. homebound at 10plus, cause i need to do some stuff for tml.
tomorrow i wont be going for I-Guide orientation, cause i have some concert stuff to attend to. sorry guys. but i still wanna be I-Guide if possible.
im perspiring profusely due to danceeeeee.
gosssh, i cross my fingers that tml will go smoothly
im in need of a bath right now. till then everyone. goodnight(:
photos up next time. 2 more to add into the owing category
11) chalet 12) UOB temp outing
ohyessss, did i mention i got 25effing itchy mosquitoe bites?!!!! >:[
a few months ago it was
such a lovely memory
still as vivid
i reminisce the movie times
when i was so close to you
i felt i couldn't get enough
then, i let you slip through
i hope you're happy
with what you have now
though i mask my feelings
of missing you everytime