Wednesday, September 17, 2008

do pads expire???? haha, random qns!
tday i ran 10rounds at serangoon stadium. but i realised my physical has deproved greatly. i have to run more, if not i wont be able to complete my 21km stand chart. tssssskkk. ohoh, after that jia and i made our own pancakes. HAHA! my first time eating and making them ;DD yummyummm!!! our pancakes damn cute, all diff shape. after that watched 3 movies. haha. mean girls, miss congeniality 1 & 2. oh, and we slept in the midst of our third movie. hahaah. jia's mom makes the best lunches! cheese macaroni, cream of mushroom and garlic toast;DDD loveeeeeee it! thanks jia and mom! (:

im dammmmn pissed offfffff!

& im in a effing bad mood now.
20sept is that anoying date! I-guide orientation or concert rehersals? i dont knowwwwwww. both are equally impt and i cant and i dont want to miss any one. but how can i split myself into two??? ughhh!!!!!

tml gyming with robin at 9. after that going pauline's house first cause its too early to meet the class at tampines. tssskk. ehh, think we're going to play sth and i'll be going off at 6 for dance. sorry 01 for not being able to join u guys for bbq and chalet. :(

shall turn in now, friggin tired. i've been sleeping less than 4 hours everydya. tsk. nightynights(:
photos up another time