Monday, September 15, 2008

happy lantern festival to everyone! bet u all had fun carrying your little lanterns yesterday and reminiscing your childhood times yeah? i did. haha

piano in the morning first. didnt hav much time to go through aural. yeahh. back homeeeee, used com for awhile. left to dine at restaurant at punggol park. u know the Bliss restaurant. the steak is nice, i shld have gotten it medium well. -.- cus mine's like alittle too raw for me. hahaha. nevermind. nice ambience on usual days. but alas, ytd was lantern festival, and so that explains the number of noisy kids around. food's not bad, saw layyen waitressing there. haha. coool coool. had dessert after main course. total amount was like 140bucks? dad say quite okay laaaa, cus its for 4 ppl. yupp. went to the pond side and shang yue. hahah! had mooncake as well.. special one. bought it from Goodwood Hotel? durian mooncake!!! WAHH, THE DURIAN DAMMMN NICEEE. aweesomeee mann. but it doesn't come cheap. hahaha. camwhored with family and bro left to meet his fren to return to hostel.

so meanwhile the 3 of us carried lanterns and started walking all around punggol park. HAHAH! damn funny. saw ben & co so i decided to join them. hahah. there was ben, angela, chuxian, adrina and robin joined us later. this group of ppl were beside us, making fire. and so happen that they were from tp as well. cus they saw ben's fo shirt and this girl started singing tp school song. -.- lameeee. anw this funny convo came up

scene: (sitting down) adrina, angela, chuxian, me------- (a distance away) the group of ppl
-a guy walk over
guy: eh, we dont want this candle already, give u
-throws a pac of candle down and walks back
his friends: WAHHLAUU EHH! u want to give candle, dont throw at them laaa u fucking retard
-we sat there and started laughing!

HAHAHHA!! it was supperrr hilarioussss. played with candles and sparkles(LOL. tim u weren't here, if not u can eat them) etc.. saw sharlene and fren, went home with them at 10plus. heh. and i walked home! this stupid guy ride bicycle den stand so close to me at the traffic light. stupid idiot. so grossss luhhh. UGHHHH.

im so happy! i just texted tracy!!!! i haven't talk to her for agesssss! and i miss her hell lots! shall catch up with her when she's not working OT. muahhaha. okay, pictures shall be uploaded another day. im feeling rather lazy now.

updated schedule:
mon: Bukit Gombak with choong staying at home and slack, cheerleading training at 545
tues: phantos outing, cheer training at 545
wed: running with jy & cx, movie @ jy's house later
thurs: lunch & hangout with adriel movie and meetup with sean, dance at 650
fri: ermm, free? (not going adventure club camp anymore. whooops) meetup with tracy, yihui and tze hian at evening! ;DDDDD
sat: I-Guide orientation, clubbing
sun: piano

i want to eat already and watch my tv. toodles!