Sunday, September 14, 2008

waitresses for the day(:

1st day at Ritz Carlton on sat. gosh, it was tiring. and i still rmb i was wondering if my arms would ache greatly, cause the previous day was gyming, swimming and dancing for me. yeahh. and it did.

shall tell u bout my day was a waitress -.- kayyyy. went down bugis to buy sth. met yiling & huiling. someone got someone to direct us to the uniform place. and that aunty damn fierce can. zzzz dont like her. went to change, and i swear i look superrr kuku in that uniform. PLUS! i had to pin up my bangs, which is so uberly short, making me have a small weird outta shape currypok -.-(u can see from the picture) righhhtt, lotsa hairspray on! and its stinks sooo much. finally my hair is as hard as a rock. righhhttttt. went for briefing, and blah blah blah. started work. we, 1st day-ers, on fri was considered unlucky alr. cause normally we just hav to replenish plates and cutleries, but on fri, we had to serve. its a graduation ceremony by monash university, so its like buffet plus cocktail and there's no like dinner tables. its those free and walk around thinggyyy. yeahh, and we had to hold that heavy silver plate and put drinks ontop and walk ard to serve. yeahh. first round was cocktail reception, everyone's supposed to go out and serve the drinks. so we+elda(our new fren) was queueing up to get our drinks when andrew(captain) came and took our trays away. muhahaha, we ushered the guests to the ballroom instead. yay, no carrying of that heavy tray. hahaa. kayyy, so aft that we rested for awhile, arranged the spoons and all. then 8pm went all out again to serve drinks. so throughout the night till 10 odd, we took drinks, serve guests, walk around, replenish drinks, serve, walk etc etc. ceremony ended 10plus and we had to clear up and prepare for the next day's event.

i shall share with you sth i found out bout the hotel. they hav real weird and quirky names for their stuff there. like the cloth that's pulled over the table top and table legs are slotted into the slot at the bottom of the cloth is called a condom (????!) yeah. sounds .... and another cloth has a name which sounds like orgasm. LOOOOLLLL. seriously, why such confusing and weird names. hahaha, officially ended work at 12midnight. and the 4 of us were like some kiasu aunties. we were the 1st to run off and collect our bags, change n got our voucher for pay. went canteen for awhile to quench our thirst. and i realised they actually have food -.- but if we stayed on to eat, we wont be able to catch the 1230 shuttle van home. so yeah. when we went up, we all had to wait for the shuttle bus drivers to do i dont know what. so we jsut talked and rotted there. ahaha. homed around 1-2 odd. washed my hair 5 times, with twice conditioner mannn! hahaha! slept ard 4plus.

job training peeektures!

teaaaa breakkk! emo after the food finishes. haha

this 2 pictures are unglam/funny of yiling and huiling. try spotting the unglam/funny parts. haha


TADA!!! and i woke up at 7 the next morning. had to prepare bag and clothes for concert rehersals and zouk afterwards. hmm. aft rehersals, changed at office and went off with raychlove to find savin to get my tickets. i loveee loveee loveee raychariellimpeixuan! she's so wonderful. love her, without her, i think zouk would hav bored the dress off me. ohyes, when we were sitting at the pigeon holes thingy, this guy popped up and started asking us weird and random qns and he just sat down beside us talking of eveyr other topic that's not related. he was so rude to raych! first commenting bout her name(which is so ever lovely), then saying that she's a calefare on tv at most(which she's soooo not). wth, raych finally told him off. love you babe! thinking about it, he & his friend really does sound like they've rehersed that convo right. hahaa. nevermind those 2 losers who claim they hav friends waiting at some parts of the club and that they shouldnt spoil the party. righhht, when we caught them alone, standing. BIG Losers! camwhored lotsss with raych. haha, ohmygosshh, she's like super adorable. left halfway, met her childhood fren, mark, and dinnered at nydc. thanks mark for the treat(: oh, and i found out that mark & i hav quite a number of common friends, one of which we bumped into at cine. haha. falfen. and his bro's same course as choong! must ask choong. we might hav even more common friends. hahaah. and ytd, was the most number of times i stepped into cine's NUM. gosh! raych's fren works there as well, and we walked up and down to give and receive his/her bday present. haha, so cuteeee. went lucky plaza and we saw one of the dancer at paragon, the one which we're quite positive he's dancing around the area when we're having dance.
last but not least,
thanks for everything yesterday, you made my day love

pictures up another day after i've gotten all the pictures for the day(:
but anyway, here's a peek!


i loveeeee that prettttty lighttt that makes my elmo look smart with uberly white eyes[:
photos i still owe: 1) out with glenda aft tchers's day 2) rsaf with jy 3) nike human race 4) market place with glenda 5) david, cindy and me 6) dork and me 7)AVRIL concert 8) huiling yiling and i at training 9) granny's bday 10) hp pictures not yet classified. 11) shawn and i 12) zouk with raych
schedule for the week
mon: Bukit Gombak with choong, cheerleading training at 545
tues: phantos outing, cheer training at 545
wed: running with jy & cx, movie @ jy's house later
thurs: lunch & hangout with adriel, dance at 650
fri: ermm, free? (not going adventure club camp anymore. whooops)
sat: I-Guide orientation, clubbing
sun: piano
alright, toodles! take care everyone![: