Friday, September 12, 2008

my muscles are aching like #$%&%&!#$%&%$$&@ i gotta gym more.

i just found out ytd that i accidentally ________ LOL. not my fault though. water is my ground, i love to soak and play in it(: dance was tiring. today seems so funny, i dont feel like blogging. i dont know. before i switched on my laptop, i've got so many things in my mind. but when i got here, i dont know what to type, and i lost my touch.

later supposedly meeting savin for lunch but he cant make it last min. nvm, mom made lunch for me. haha. meeting choong later at my house area at 2pm. then home again, change and leave for work. today'll be the first day of my entire life,waitressing. gosssh, ive never done waitressing before. and i hope my arms have enough strength to carry the trays and all, aft all those exercises done ytd.
i think i know. its anxiety that's washed over me.

a random point to share: dont judge a book by its cover
im feeling; empty.




great spy experiment

see steph's cute pink pouch she carried whilst running! hahaha! and that's of course my fractured foooot. ahhahaa

wrist bands! mine & steph's ;D

photos i still owe: 1) out with glenda aft tchers's day 2) rsaf with jy 3) nike human race 4) market place with glenda 5) david, cindy and me 6) dork and me 7)AVRIL concert 8) huiling yiling and i at training 9) granny's bday 10) hp pictures not yet classified.

kayyy, gotta go online shopping for specific clothes.. tsssssk, so troublesomeeeee