Thursday, September 11, 2008

yoohaaa! im up bright and early, at 730! muahaha.hell knows what for.
choong and i are still clueless abt where hougang ave4, Singapore Athletics Association's Headquarters is. haha! actually my dad wanted to fetch choong and i to the palce, but he gotta go meeting so he's leaving in awhile. yup, so we're all on our own.

speaking of which, ytd my dad just returned from australia, i think. is it asutralia? ahhh, im not too sure. and usually he lugs a whole bunch of gift home. and ytd was no different. MUAHAH. he loves to buy Carlo Rino stuff for me & mom. so lets seeee. he bought a CR bag for mom, damn its costs like 290bucks???! and another CR wallet for me. hahaha! my current red-white-cute girl is also CR, and he bought for me that as well. anw, the new one he bought is like white with brown sides and the insides are like BIG and spacious. hahahaha! that's why it costs 200bucks man!!! what theeeee... but, best present i like from ytd's pile, is another new wallet for me. haha! i tell u, dad's obsessed with buying wallets n pouches u knowww! from the last & the previous & the previous trip he came back, i've yet to use 2 billabong wallets, 1 CR wallet, 2 CR pouches, 2 Guess wallet, 1 Coach pouch. ahhh, and this new wallet is going to be added into the famillyyyy of unused wallets. omgg, its red and its leather wallet. and its from PRADA!! muhahahahaa!! im super super super superrrr happpyyyyyyyy. mom and i started dividing our shares. like this wallet is mine, this bag is mine. hahha! well, dad didn't forget bout bro , though bro's like in-existant in the house. he bought like a Ralph Lauren belt for him, 2 billabong board shorts. dad also bought berms and polo tee himself and he wore it back -.- ahahhaha!
ohohoh before he left, i found out that some one friggin stole my roxy shoes that i always leave outside the house -.- and he came back with a new pair for me. hahahaa! yay, i love you dadddddyyy! ;DDDD

okay! i shall go eat my cheesecake & choc muffin breakfast, bathe, change, pack bag and leave houseeee. ;D
yay yay, please Mr Sun, please shine yr bright bright sunrays at TP swimming pool [: thanks.