Wednesday, September 10, 2008

hello. i woke up late todayyyy. like 11? tsssssk. damn pig. anyway, was caught up with stuff earlier this morning. talked to couple of ppl. thanks(: shan't elaborate on it. shall see what's the result. yuppp.

talk about ytd. i finally met timothy leeeeeeee!! and his belated present's like errr half a year belated?? haha, sorrrry mannn. had kfc for lunch cause he had braces and cant eat certain food. yupppp. played pool. shut up timothy. poool's funnnn u knowwwww. movie later on. make it happen. hmm, storyline's abit weird. but i like the song and the dance. ;DDD walked around later on. like to far east??? yupppp. camwhored a littttlleeee on the streeets. i think my fav camwhoring place is on the streets mannn. haha. off to far east.. left around 5 to meet mom.

went OG first. wanted to buy swim cap. haha. but dont haveeee the brand i want, so mom suggested me to go tm tml to buy my swim cap before heading to sch. yuppp. walkeddddd pargo bugis junction. dinnered at soup spoon ;DDD went DC superheros and i bought a pair of dunkssssss mannn! which costs ard 89bucks??? hahaha, damn cool, its black with a little like gold reptile thingy on the side. cooool. mom bought a sweater, which is ard 58bucks? yupp. cause she keeps complaining she has none. -.- alrighttttt. shopped aroundddd. before we left for home, sat down at JCO, had a coffee and yoghurt icecreammmm ;DDD muhahahaa. but i miss frolick's one though. heh. soon soon. trained home afterthat. read my harry potter and slept at 1 odd

im currently re-reading all my harry potter book. i just find them so interesting to read, i can finish the entire 7 books in a week man! its just so hard to get my eyes off it.

plans for tml! ehhh, meeting choong at SSA to pay our payment for standard chartered marathon. we're thinking of going for 42km, BUT, choong, hong and eric are 18and abv, whilst im 17 only. full marathon need to be 18 and abv. tsssssk. see how lor. if cannot, den i'll probably join the half marathon, 21km. arggghh! they stated, participants need to be 18yrs as of 7dec2008. mann! im just 1mth and 2 days behind. NOOOOOO...
okayy, so aft that, i'll be going tm to get my swimming cap cause they've got arena store there. muahhaah. shld be going with choong. yup, but i wanna take mrt, cause i've got concession. hehhhh! then, meeting alvin and robin at mushroom at 1245, gyming! 2pm meet darren for swimmmm and play water. heh heh heh!!! i miss the pool hell lots mann. aft that bathe,which i take very long, see how much time im left with, and off for dance.

things i must do tday:
1) practice piano
2) practie guitar
3) pack my room
4) send photos to various ppl
5) pack my gym, swim and dance gear for tml so i wont be late
6) update organiser
7) memorise concert stuff
8) get all the stuff needed for work on fri
ohoh, another freaking asshole came and disturb me again. with that stupid escort service thing. and i gave timo's no. hahaha. he says i can actually report to police about that guy, but aiya nvm laa, i dont want any trouble. yuppp.

peeeekturessss for ytd!

this is timothy lee and he bullies me alot. he always trashes me at pool, which is a form of bullying.

soup spoon and JCO with mom(: but i cant find the pic of us tgt mannn.

past photos



photos i still owe: 1) out with glenda aft tchers's day 2) rsaf with jy 3) nike human race 4) market place with glenda 5) david, cindy and me 6) dork and me 7)AVRIL concert 8) huiling yiling and i at training 9) granny's bday 10) hp pictures not yet classified.
okay, its time i un-glue my eyes off the com screen, im starting to get a headache. maybe i'll get glued on it again tonight. till then!(: