Tuesday, September 09, 2008

wake up little lazy bums! its TUESDAY!!! 4more days to my doomsday, for i've yet to memorise my stuff. blahhhhh

hello all lovelies! tday im gonna meeeeet timothy! and finally, i can pass him his belated bday present. haah, u realise i've been giving out belated bday presents recently uhhh. ahha. whooops. im busy yo. haha, but i wont forget bout you guys:D hmmm, we're meeting at 1230 at town and we're watching "make it happen" yeahhhh man, it looks interesting. i think i've watched like almost all of the movies. well, except for death race, my sassy girl, the flowers of the wad boy, walle(which i do not want to watch). and maybe a couple more. tim says the flowers of the donno wad boy is like hanakimi, gosssh, i wannnaaaa WATCHHH. ;DDDD im dateless for tml. haha. mom says i shouldn't go out so often, cus i go out like 24/7. tsk. she reckons i shld help her with household chores and maybe do some baking or cooking. she asked me to cook dinner for her tml man. zzzzz we'll hav dinner if i dont burn down the home first. haha, i admit, im a bad cook, i cant cook at home. BUT in sec sch, we hav like home econs right, i can cook pretty well there! i think i know why. cause im afraid of burning down my house, while im not afraid of burning down my sch's kitchen. TADAAA, a perfect answer. hah!

i wanna go play the ecp ski360degree again! we did that during amazing race and it was fantastic, well, except for the pants part. ANYWAY, i wanna play again. and carry a big haversack and climb bt timah hill. i wanna exercise and do sports again! i think my feet is healing and im gonna resume my activities no matter what the doc says. therefore, im going to gym and swim on thurs. im not going for cheer training, cause i've got dance rehersals at the same time, which i cannot miss. yeah, im real sorry. so im making it up by gyming and swimming, at least i know im putting effort so that i wont be lacking behind. i tell u, once i recover, im gonna run like crazy, gym and swim all i can.

i've thought up of a schedule to follow after sch reopens;
mon: cheer training in evening
tues: swim in morning, cheer training in evening
wed: gym and run
thurs: dance(outside). i could probably gym on thurs
fri: swim in afternoon
i'll probably fix in one more day for gyming. once a week is not enough, probably thurs. cause its the only free day.

and as for now, its holidays! haha, gonna work on fri for Ritz Carlton, and that's it. just one day. and not forgetting my 3days for F1. my parents object me working as waitress, cus they dont like it. think they've got their reasons. so, im so sorry huiling & yiling, i'll only be working on fri and the 3days for F1. yeahhh. :(

ohyes, i'd like to add sth. sometimes, ppl do things without knowing they're freaky. -.- i just just found out someone copied my entire friendster profile and put it on theirs. like wth?!!! do u cheerlead? are u a student of tp? are u an ex IJ girl? are u a mixed indo-chinese blood girl? do u love elmo &patrick? do u adore sunflowers? do u love the beach/vodka/ shopping? IF YOU DONT, U JOLLY WELL DONT COPY PPL'S PROFILE AND TERM IT AS YOURS!!

whoookay, i better go bathe and get changed, cause i've a feeling i'll be late. heeeeeh.