Monday, September 08, 2008

HEYYYYYYY!!! AVRIL'S CONCERT WAS ROCCCCCKK MANNN!! though she performed rather little. like 10odd songs? yeahh, a couple of new ones, the rest old. yup.

lets backtrack.
saturday went for concert meeting, left halfway cause gotta meet mom for gran's bday celebration. saw alll my cousins!! ;DDD cooool, sang sang sang, buffet, camwhore. homesweethome at 10plus.

yesterday!!! had piano class, then rushed off to meet huiling and yiling at cityhall. rushed down to ritz carlton for our F1 training. haha, they still got provide tea break for us. spring roll and samosa. hahaha! omggg ,we dman pig, went for 2nd round. went to ask yumi bout working for 1st day, as in not furing f1. like we work for ritz carlton la. so we got ourselves this coming fri to work. yuppp. 530pm to 12 or 1 plus. rushed off to meet paddy at ps. had dinner at 7odd. trained down to kallang, cabbed to indoor stadium. AVRIL LAVINGNE'S CONCERT!!!!! wooooohhh. but it started at like 9, and ende dard 10plus. quite a short concert only. she performed quite a number of old songs, plus a couple of new songs. yuppp. she played guitar, grand piano and drums during performance(: i secretly took liek 3 videos and tons of photos. haha. video not very good, but can hear wad song she performing luh. yup. enjoy.

avril lavingne concert- girlfriend part1

avril lavingne concert-girlfriend part2

avril lavingne concert on piano

Name: Jasmine Chye
Birthday: 9 JAN 91 (9.1.91)
Birthplace: thomson hospital(?)
Eye Colour: Brownish-black
Hair Colour: chestnutty-ish brown?
Height: 167.5cm
Right Handed or Left Handed?: Right!
Your Heritage: Chinese
My Worst Habit: LAZINESS
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Shoe Size: 7/8
Pant Size: errr. 27?
Innie or Outie: OUTTTTIIEEE ;D
Parents Still Together?: yup(:
Shoes You Wore Today?: barefooted. i was at home the entire day!
Your Weakness: hot guys. haha, kidding
Your Fears: ermm. right now should be not getting the concert right in place.
Your Perfect Pizza: loads of nice stuff on it. LOL. not forgetting all types on cheese on it. YUM!
Goal You Would Like To Achive This Year: pass exams with flying colours, excel in sports, make UAN LIVELIVE CONCERT a success!
Your Most Overused Phrase In Instant Messenger: haha
Your Best Physical Feature: my legs and maybe my eyes?! ;DDD
Your Bedtime: depends. if thr's nth to do, it'll be 12-1

Your Most Missed Memory: i'll pass this(:

Colours?: hmm, i've got no favourites, but if u insist, i'd say its orange(for the time being)
Food? : nth in particular
Sports? : TONS. so its not considered fav. actually, its EVERY SPORT.
Animal? : dogs!
Ice Cream? : belgium choc/dark choc
Candy? : i cant eat candies. but if i do, anything would be fine
Store? : ermmmmm. like shopping? quite what every teenage girl would like.
Salad Dressing? : no preference
Actor? : dont really watch the tv, so pass
Songs? : right now, it'll be forever(:
Letter? : if i say J it wont be totally true, if i say C it would be unfair to my original name(:
Number? : 3, 8
Gum? : watermelon/ mint
Holiday? : erm. LONG HOLIDAYS?
Season? : summmer and winter
ToothPaste Flavour?: who tastes them?! i'll go with the norm, mint?
Radio Station? : 987!
Perfume? : ESCADA ibiza hippie! :D
Scent Besides Perfume?: passionfruit!
Body Part On The Opposite Sex? : errrm, nothing in particular. but i'll look at the physical first. HURHUR.

What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up? : AIR STEWARDESS!
How Do You Want To Die? : never thought about that
Turn ons: anything with romance(: im a sucker for that.
Turn offs: LONG. u wouldn't want to piss me off
Which Of Your Friend Acts Most Like You? : erm, im unique u know. haha. everyone's unique(:
Who’s The Loudest?: beats me. but im quite loud myself. heh
Who Makes You Laugh The Most? : no idea, im easily tickled so i hope that answers yr qns
Who Have You Known The Longest? : glenda? or laurel?
Who’s The Shyist? : nahhh
When Have You Cried The Most? : THAT time. u guess(:
What is The Best Feeling In The World? : being loved and that u cant get enough of it
Worst Feeling? : being .......
Where do You Want To Live When You Grow Up? : hmm, i dont know, i shld be migrating, so i'll tell u when the time comes.
If You Could Change One Thing About You What Will It Be? : i dont knowwww.
How Long Do You Think You’ll live? : for as long as i can live,happily.

Let’s walk on the: beach
Let’s look at the: sunset
What a nice: view
Where did all the: clouds go
Why can’t we: sit and talk
Silly, little: things
Isn’t it weird that: we're here?
Never Under Any Circumstance: lose your stand
I wish: Everyone has a: true love
I am: CHYE

Been In love? : yup, wanna ask being out?
Been to Juvie? : what's that?
Mooned Someone? : ??
Been Rejected? : hmmm, not really sure.
Ran Away from home? : almostttt
Picture your crush naked? : that's for sickos.
Skipped School? : sadly,yes
Thought about Suicide?: pass.
Slept Outside? : yupp, tons
Laughed so hard you cried: always(:
Cried in school? : yeahhh.
Thrown up in school? : yup! worst mens cramps. =/
Wanted to be a model? : yup(:
Cheated on someone? : pass
Done Something Really stupid that you still laugh at it today?: totally
Seen a dead body?: yeah
Been Bitched Out? : yup.
Drank Alcohol? : yesssss
Smoked: pass
Been on drugs?: pass
Eaten Sushi?: -.- duh
Been on Stage? : yeah, tons
Gone Skinny Dipping? : nope, but shall try one day when im overseas ;D
Shoplifted? : dont think so. wait, minor oand lame ones yeah
Been Drunk? : pass
Been called a Tease? : errr.nah
Been beaten up? : nope

Swear? : yup, practically living off it
Sing Well? : nahh
Shower Daily? : gosh, who doesn't
Want to go to College? : ermm.
Want to get married? : yup and have kids!
Believe in yourself? : sometimes
Get motion sickness? : yeah, on the car
Think You’re Attractive? : nahh, well depending on the people around. haha
Get along with your parents? :quite
Like thunderstorms? : only when im feeling down
Play an instrument? : piano, guitar (violin and sax soon)
Own an iPod? : yup. my baby
Pray: sometimes
Go to Church? : not everytime
Sleep with a Stuffed Animal? : got tons on my bed(:
Keep a Diary/ Journal? : an online one which is this. and an outdated personal one
Dance in the Rain? : yeah, when craziness kicks in
Sing in the shower? : ALL THE TIME

Pepsi or Coke? : none
Single or Group Dates? : Single and maybe group for close friends
Chocolate or Vanilla? : CHOCOLATE
Strawberries or Blueberries? : both!
Meat or Veggie? : Meat and veggies!
TV or Movie? : errr, movie?
Guitar or Drums? : Drums! guitar's pretty cool as well
Adidas or Nike? : bottthhh;D
Chinese or Mexican? : mix?
Cheerios or Corn Flakes? : corn flakes
Cake or Pie? : Cake
MTV or VH1? : MTV!!!
Blind or Deaf? : huh.. errr, none
Boxers or Briefs? : BOXERS!!

Do the splits: going to be able
Write with both hands: yup! but left is obviosuly not as nice as the right.
Whistle: yupp!
Blow a bubble: yeah
Roll your tounge in a circle : err. yeahhh.
Cross your eyes : yup!!!
Walk with your toes curled : yeahh
Touch your tongue to touch your nose: i've got a short tongue u knowww
Dance: LOVE IT.
Eat whatever you want and not worry: dependsss.

You touched: you! HHA. myself luhhh.
You Talked to on the phone: jason! haha
You Instant Messaged: jo
You Hugged: my soft toy(:
You yelled at: parents, last night
You played a sport with: errrrmmm, cant rmb after getting that fracture on my feet. but it should be nike human race??

Time you laughed: just!
Time you cried: cant rmb.
Movie you watched: errrmm, fri? with shawn, murder of the inagumi clan
Flavour of Gum you chewed: mintttt
Joke you told:errrmm, cant rmb
Song you sung: one of avril's song at her concert last night. HAHA

Life on other planets: well, martins could exist!
Miracles: Yes, kinda
Magic: love to watch it, but its just some work behind the scene
Love at first sight: yeahh! believe me or not, i do believe and it has happened before! ;D
God: yuup
Satan: errr, well ,good and evil exists righttt.
Ghosts: yeahh,about there
Santa: i'd love to see that fat man in that ever so cute yet tight uniform! but now its mom.
Evolution: hmmm. not really sure

Fav eye colour: erm, no preference?
Fav hair colour: not some bright loud colours that doesn't suit, any other colours should be fine
Short or long hair: Usually short yet NICE.
Height: im 167, so that guy has toobviously be taller than me. i presume 180? if he's shorter than that but it feels alright, then i guess its no problem(:
Weight: anything but obese or underweight. just right. (:
Best clothing style: anything in the fashion now.

i choose not to tag anyone(: this thing is dammmmmmn longgggg.


fav school and fav geog tcher(:

this is my maths homeroom, which is also my form tcher's homeroom(:

1)me, mui and xing. 2) mui, mayble and me. 3)laurel darling and me!

1) the MCs, left to right, mr tan(chem tcher), mr chang(physics tcher), mrs debra tan(eng tcher) and mrs soon(pure goeg tcher). 2&3) the two in yellow ponchos are art tchers, and they're doing a painting upside down. its like u flip it over, its a complete picture. haha

that band in black i was telling u about. this "band"played with guitar as cellos, then they took out badminton racket, feather duster and played them as instruments. haha. damn lame.

this one is the kungfu panda. haha!

some performance, the fan thigny. and the next picture is hairspray dance. HAHA!

twister at jy house
6 ppl in total playing twister. enjoy the picturesss. some looks wrong .HAHA
No.1: blue fo shirt, black berms---- SKY
No.2: white i am shirt, black soccer shorts---- CHOONG
No.3: orange tee, white berms--- HONG
No.4: black tee, grey berms---- BERT
No.5: white shirt, blue fbt---- JIA
No.6: orange mizuno shirt, white fbt--- CHYE

photos i still owe: 1) out with glenda aft tchers's day 2) rsaf with jy 3) nike human race 4) market place with glenda 5) david, cindy and me 6) dork and me 7)AVRIL concert 8) huiling yiling and i at training 9) granny's bday 10) hp pictures not yet classified.