Friday, September 05, 2008

oh fuck fuck fuck... my legs are like supperrrr wobbly. just watched a couple of piercing videos. llike naval, spectrum, tongue etc. wtfff, and i wanted to get a naval piercing last time. omgg, i see ppl getting it im alr so scared, dont need to say about myself. i think i'll faint first then they can carry on with whatever piercing. haha. ohyess, and i wanted to get a tattoo -.- but i see savin do quite pain, smmore on thighs only leh. i wanted at the lower back/ stomach, which is the MOST painful part. okay, cant get it alr. one: im too scared of pain. two: i wanna be an air stewardess, cant hav body piercing or tattoo. mygoshh.

im back from towing with shawwwnnnnyy. he was late for like 1hr -.- haha, due to stomach ache. luckily i had stepup2 on my ipod, so it accompanied me for 1hr+ hahaha! watched the murder of the inagumi clan. nice show, its very detective-ish. we were damn retarded when buying tickets
me: hello, can i have the errrrr. (not very sure bout the name)
me &shawn: theeee jap jap movie
staff: the boy and flower(dont know whatt laa)
me: AHHH nonono. not this one
staff: the murder of the inagumi clan?

ahhaha! super retard. had lunch and we went in late. haha. the guy beside me friggin irritating. first, he was cold and he retracted his arms into his shirt. then, he keeps rocking the chair which i cant stand it. so i kept showing him a pissed off face and i kept looking at him whenever he rocked the chair. THEN, my hp rang. like ohmygosh, i thought no one would call me, so i kinda forgot to switch it to silent. then my ring tone's like my blog song now, and i couldn't find my hp in the darkness and so i attempted to cover the sound by hugging my bag. but it wouldn't stop ringing so i had to dig out my hp and everyone looked at me. WHOOOPS. sorrraaayyyeee..
walked around aft movie, camwhore! and we hit our 100 photos! yeah mannn!

homesweethome early! and im going to organise my photos, pick out ones to be uploaded and send ppl photos. so after picking them out, i can post all at one shot.muhahaha! seeeyaaaa

here's the video of CLICK FIVE visiting us in sjc last year. haha! enjoyyyyyy! ;DDD
p.s. we, sec4s are righhht at the back! and that day is amaths o level paper. HAHAH!