Friday, September 05, 2008


i woke up like dammn early. know why? cause i made my granny's bday card. :DDD went to dig out photos of our fmaily tgt and made a card for her bday tml. awww, aren't i sweeeet? hahaha. shall take a photo of it once its done. tml's her bday celebration and we're going kboxing and buffet dinner there. its like the first time the entire family is going kboxing. kinda weird, but ohwell, my cousins go kbox everytime. yuppppp.

tsskk, i jsut noticed sth. my feet is like getting better yet not better. yeah. its like now the pain goes all the way up to my knee its a feeling like u just pulled a muscle on yr calf. yeah, thought its strained or sth. but after a few nights of sleep, the pain and strain is still there. this is sooo weird. i cant afford to be out of sports for so long. my dance, my gym, my running etc. im lacking behind. esp for my concert rehersals. gossshh. pain pain please go away and let me dance again.

shall leave now. gonna be late to meet shawn later. check movie timings first!