Thursday, September 04, 2008


anyway, shall blog about my adventure ytd. cindy was lateeeee. david & i camwhored first, bought tickets for 4bia and walked ard ohoh, we went to see NUM's new cheerleading party tank-cum-dress. ayyyee! i agreed it looked flirty okay stupid old david. walked cine and heeren, camwhored along the way. cindy came, bought food, went to watch movie. ohmygosh, i tell u, never watch 4bia with a faint heart and get ready for all unexpected frightening scenes and loud scary sounds. idiottt! i jump up like so many many many times, not to mention screaming out loud in the midst of the movie. ohoh, and i even knocked my head against david's when i totally wasn't expecting the scary part to come. omgg, so pain luhhh. hahaha. sorrrry my bad. after movie, walked around, forced david to skip his training. heh! and we camwhored along the walk to ps. ;DDDD super fun i tell u, and we were all damn retard.
quotes of the day;
i love cindy, cindy is so cute.
i feel hot today, must be because david's around.
those 2 retards. hahaha! anw, shall post up pics next time, no time to pick them now. heh!

off to my next adventure. today! met almighty late queen dork at supposedly 10, but she arrived at 1020?? went cold storage picked flowers for chiujie's dad. omgg, we picked dammmmn longgg can. haha! finally bought it and went popular to buy ribbon to tie. but we bought tape instead -.- but smart chye suggested taping the sticky sides tgt so it becomes a "ribbon" ;D YEAH! by the time we're done, its 1120 alr. 0.O haha, trained down to simei, cabbed to changi general. we got lost for a moment but found our way up. dressed the flower up and went to see chiujie's dad. awhile later we left and lunched at hospital's canteen. cabbed back to mrt station. i tell u dork and i are sooo damn frequent cabbers, well, dork's more than me. her eyes literally lit up at the sight of the word CABBBBB hahahah! trained down to vivo for window shopping. our usual shoppps! ;D and we told each other that we must work in the hols den come out one day to shop tgt! heh! deal! ohoh, and we must hav a clique day, whereby all 3 of us must dedicate this day to only the 3 of ourselves and enjoy ourselves fully without intervention (((: went toyrus to buy bottles. got our pretty bottles and played ard with the toys and obviously camwhored. haha! to think that i used to work at toyrus last time and i hated those ppl who messed the stuff up and now im doing the exact thing! haha, had to dodge around, didnt want to see some ppl. hahahaah. dork & i were retard, the photos says all, but shall upload it another day. hahaha! went subway for our teabreak and trained homeeeee.
ohyes, next time when we're working, 3 of us must go overseas tgt and demand to share a single hotel room. and our kids must be bestfriends in the future(((: they can have bitch fight or gossips for all they want. haha! so cool! we'll wait and see.
i love hanging out with old friends, its like u dont forget them after u've completed sch with them. and they're like the coolest ppl to hang out with okay. loveeee clique(:
im gonnna dig out my disc of old cool songs;]

oh, cause dork and i were reminiscing our past and we came across our thailand trip during sec3. so i jsut dug out my previous dusty filled archives and here's a little peek of how we looked like when we we in nerdy period and a little bit of my journal for thai trip. enjoy(:

day1: after touching down in thailand, we went this restaurant to eat and watched a performance as well. then they called for ppl to go up stage and dance awhile. i was sabo-ed to go up stage. -.- checked in asia hotel.. paddy and i share room and we damn suay.
firstly, our room had no electricity
secondly, there's a super strong stench of smoke in our hotel room
thirdly, we ahd to go down reception to ask if thr's anymore rooms on 5th and 6th floor, but thr isn't
fourthly, we had to go back our original room, and the hotel staff just sprayed some air freshner and we had to sleep breathing in second hand smoke all night
day2: woke up damn early. took a boat down to koh kred. on the boat ride, dork and i fell asleep while the tchers were explaining bout certain stuff. HAHA! when we went over, it was friggin FLOODED. tchers said that koh kred only flood once in every10years. and it had to be the time we went that it flooded. -.- so barefoots, here we go! checked in to woraburi ayuthaya, our 2nd hotel. we checked out of asia hotel cause its damn far from the places we're going later on. wash up time, and blowdrying shoes. packed our overnight bags for 2 nights. cause 2 nights aft this day, we're going to stay at jungle raft floatel, and our luggages cannot be brought thr, so we had to pack 2days of clothes and stuff thr. yup.

day3: went huntra rice research centre. then lawa cave, its a limestone cave. went back ayuthaya, collected our overnight bag and took speed boat down to jungle raft floatel. we nicknamed our boat, LAMU BOAT. hahahahah! jungle raft floatel adopts an ecotourism form of hotel mode. it uses all nature stuff. like the walls are all bamboo, the "pillars"are tree trunks, no electricity, use kerosene lamp etc. yup. we stargazed outside at the floating bay and saw plenty of shooting stars(: then middle of the night, couple of us took our kerosene lamp, placed it on the tables outside and started writing our journals. hhaah! we all hav to write journals for submission.

day4: we went ERWAN WATERFALLS!!!!!!!!!! its rated 5th most beautiful waterfall in the world.. but well, it wasn't that spectacular. haha! there were fishes in the waterpool and the rocks had slimey moss on them. many ppl slipped and fell into the waters when they stepped on it. dork almost, and she grabbed me. lucky i didn't fall. mui damn sad. omg! rmb what happened? her cam dropped out and someone quickly scooped it out of the water and out jumped her memory card! HAHA. sorry laaa, it was dammn funny. came back, had dinner with bees. yes bees. haha!

day5: fed elephants! ;D went mon village. damn cool. packed out bags. left floatel. went catholic boys sch for the day. damn retarded the guys. went suan lum night market. omgggoossshh, its like friggin shopping heaven there! bought tons of stuff over thr. was late to board bus, tcher thought we were lost of kidnapped. haha. got a big fat scolding and screaming. went back hotel, apologised to tchers and mrs soon apologised to us for shouting so loudly at us just now. awwww. party time! hahaha!

day6: woke up damn fast, according to paddy. 1 shove and im up. beats me why. hahah! went MBK for shopping! hell, we ran like shittxxzxx, cause scared to be late. blahblah, flight back spore. my luggage was lost, someone else took it. but fortunately found it back. pheeww. HAHA!

mui, dork, paddy, me, priya and fon on floating bay@ jungle raft floatel
paddy, fon and my room at jungle raft floatel. dammn ecotourism rightttt! haha
paddy & my hotel room. (: dork, me, mui, paddy

our last photo before departed.
sorrry, the other photos are like too hideous to be posted up. hahaha! seriously, last time we(or rather i ) looked dammmn freaking -.- CMI. ahhaha! dork & paddy confirm know what im talking bout. haha! oh and dork, rmb tday what snoring thing. HAHAHA I STILL CANT STOP LAUGHING. i know im super mean,but stilllll. hhhhaaaaaaaaaa. ;DDDD
tml going out with shawn. but we've yet to decide what else to do besides watching movie. hahaha. and of course passing him his belated bday present. ;DDDD gonna check movie timings nowww. ;DDD
tsssk, im gonna like start work quite soon and that will take up all my time, mon-fri, 9-6, sometimes overtime. there goes my freeeeeee and easyyyyyy carefreeee lifeeee. :(((
ohyes, im going to scold someone off here. sorry ah.
this guy, lets call him M. he dammmmn fucking irritating can! keeeeeps talking to me on msn when im clearly showing signs of busy-ness. and he keeeps nudging me. wtf is wrong with you! i told u im busy and u still went on with "oh, i bored leh. nth to do. free to talk?"WHICH PART OF I-AM-BUSY DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND???!!!! if i said im BUSY, and u still can ask me if im free to talk. wtfffff, dont u have any brains???! if u're not busy and feeling bored, it doesn't mean that anyone u talk to MUST be un-busy so as to talk to you okay. fucking use yr brain la! and stop acting cute when u're fucking not. gross asshole. ughhhh. and dont think just because u're a mixed korean chinese it means u must be treated differently. HELL NO! one more time and im going to delete u. asshole. dont get on my nerves.