Saturday, October 04, 2008

alohhaaa!! im feeling soooo much better (((:
thanks for the concern everyone[:

ytd was fdm club meeting. oooohhh, we all have our projects, and im assistant project leader. riggghhhttt, sch havent start yet i got proj already, and presentation's on first day of sch reopen (20oct -.-) anw, none of my group mates were here, so i got to go to any of the other groups. heh!
okayyy, meeting ended at 430, pauline and i went down to tm to buy my 2piece speedo swimsuit. marilyn served us. heeeee! but sadly, dont have my size, went down century square, also dont have. :(((( ohwells, thanks anw marilyn(:

trained to expo, for the SALLEEEEEE. i thought we were gonna take like 1hr or so, in the end we left when it was closing, which meant we spent close to 5hours shopping inside. I TELL YOU, THERE'S TONS TO BUY!!!!! outfitter's girl, bodynits, puma, cosmetics etc etc. omgggawwddd!! i should have bought vera wang perfume, its like so damn nice luhhhhh. UGH!! i totally feel like going back to buy can! there's like tons of nice perfume i wanna buy. :(((

ohoh, pauline and i browsed through some clothes and tried it on, and we said we didnt need a trolley cus look very aunty. in the end, we still took a trolley, and there's like a mountain of apparels in it, but mostly are mine. HAHA! even the puma promoter(who's robin's frens) said there's lots of apparels in my shopping cart. haha! but i told him its for two ppl, but i did not mention mostly are mine. hahaha!
after countless visits to the fitting room, and ignoring queer stares by other shoppers, i finally decided on my buyings for the day!

i bought sports bra, normal bra, swim wear top, pac of hush puppies undies(super soft can!), revelon lipgloss, za two way foundation, white track pants, baby doll top, tunic top, dress, puma jacket. haha! and i missed out my anna sui mascara, AND MY VERA WANG PERFUME!!! :((((
i spent ermmm $203.40

HAHAHA! pauline's kinda shocked by the shopoholic side of me. HAHA! she thinks im mad, grabbing anything. haha, but im not (: and im very very pleased with my buying. i could do with more! ;DDDD


CLASS CHALET. (i dont have most of the chalet photos)




evangeline! and fellow mclaren ppl at buffet line(:

joleeeeenneeee and i! temasekkkk polllyyyy ;D

different shots of the race track from our suite(:

buffet line! and that's the entrance counter(((:

jolene and i at lewis hamilton display set((: and that's our 4 fantastic friends(((:

a glimpse of our suite setting((:

and that's the bar ;DDDD

Vodafone McLaren Mercedes suite rocks(:

getting readdddyyy. evangeline, me, kisstina [:

hang out at raychlove's place!

rayccchhhyyy painted my nailsss and they're errrrrrr.

baby raych(:

awww lunch cooked by baby raych(: and that's cereal prawn gone wrong. haha

raych's dogggieeeee, brownieeee. i only like brownie when he's high up on the table, cus he dares not jump down. HAHA! if not, he'll scratch my legs. -.- but he's relatively adorable((:

prawn coooking in the processs! i helped! by plucking the head and exclaiming excitedly at the brains/shit that oozed out! haha, and i thought that they were alive and kicking! how dumb-.-

and i've NEVER seen someone use soooo much oil!!! but raych claims its called DEEPFRIED.

and chef raychhh is deeeeep in cooking. haha

her nice nuggetss. with one burnt one. HAHA!

swim day with robin and darren, but i didnt swim:(

darren with his act cool swim cap. and robin looks like he has a small body


glen with his forfeit, act like a sad whimpering tree. hahaha! and shawn's! put a box beneath his shirt. haha!

fellow phantosians(:

and this's the tissue bib forfeit for everyone. and jialing's forfeit to point to the sky.

lantern festival with 03 ppl(:

that's a full circle i made with sparkles! and half doule(: and that's robinhoood;DD

ben ben(: chuxian &bubbles(: some other tp ppl trying to make a fireeee.

cool zippo. loveloves(: and bubblleeesss ;DD

candles are melting, are you? retard ben. you hold the other half(:

lantern festival with my family(:

pauline and i out at expo saleeee! ;DDD

the wind was present! in school(:

fitting room! pauline's appalled!

well, mostly are my things. she only had like 4items in this entire shooping cart.DHAHA!

pictures i owe:
1) out with glenda after tcher's day 2) rsaf with jy 3) nike human race 4) market place with glenda 5) david, cindy and me 6) huiling yiling and i at training 7) zouk with raych 8) class chalet 9) swimming pool with robin and darren 10) formula one 11) lantern festival 12) hangover at raych's house 13) pearl an and i at tp swim pool
14) granny bday 15) avril concert 16) glenda and i shopping 17) dork and me 18) UOB temp outing 19)pasir ris park 20) bukit timah &old fod factory