Monday, November 24, 2008

HELLO ALL LOVELY PEOPLE!!!! quick update! no pictures yet! million apologies! :(

today today! class ended at 1pm. no hairdye cus last min full slot. went tm eat with pauline, then to starbucks to study and we ended up discussing our project! we've got like so many ideas we brainstormed out. haha. i think we two can work tgt cus we're comfortable with each other and our ideas just flow out. LOL! went around to find for suitable prizes and we wrote down a list of 26items! ;D goodjob pauline and myself(:
went with her to roots to cut hair then waited for stupid shah to finish class and meeting. went with him to tm jeanyip to cut his hair. and he damn extra, tell ther hairdresser he wants to shave the side with a star shape. -.- then in the end almost the entire salon of hairdressers flocked at his seat. cus all of them havent done quirky shapes on the hair for 8years! HAHAHA! damn funny .they spoke in chinese and shah didnt understand and we all laughed. damn stupid! hahaha! cabbed home afterwards. uncle damn nice. i only had 10bucks(forgot to bring wallet t sch) and he let me pay 10 even the fare was more than 10. heh!

tml is chiong project day!!! TBP quiz!!! DIEEEE! then rugby match at SAS. muhahaha!
and and ruth just ask me to be dnd mascot! yeahhhh! love her! heeee.

okay, i shall go sleeeep now!
cant wait for SU's xmas party! duckyyyy clique! go shopping after exams kay! shop for my pjs! ;DDD love love! nights(: