Wednesday, November 26, 2008

HELLOALLLOVES! tday was aweeesomeeee! i spent it with all my loved ones ((((:

first, i had tbp class (which is the only not loved part). then decided to skip lec and met taili! omggggxxzz, we havent met in 38150135915years man! that retard. haha. so yeah, went town! and u know sth tai? tday is the first day i took express bus -.- HURHUR. caught madagascar! haha! friggggin funnny! and the characters are like sooo damn cuteeeee! lunched at hongkong cafe at cine and i got famous amos coookies by taiiii. =D then, walked around town, went taka, wisma. left ard 4plus cus i've got interview in sch and triathlon at 530. yeahh. and we couldn't find the express busstop to get back, so i trained back. omg, freaking far. but nvm. haha!

next, went to lounge for interview. damn fast. so slacked in the smalll rooom at foosball table. then in came manny peopleee to interrupt. hahaa. farhan got jealous of shah and i on the sofa so he sat inbetween. and gay-ed with shah in the end. -.- omgggg. hahaa! and chester's face got redddddddd!! haha. paiseeeehhhhh chester!!! HAHA! and ruth's forever loveeee. yanti is forever cuteeeee! gracieee is in love with me cus she loves my elmo. and curly's, umm curly. HAHA! ;D love alllll! ;DDD

then left for tri training. did close to 5km tday(: and stretching! my favourite!!! ;DDD no drills tday. haha. but the track dammmmn wet! and we had to lie on it to do our conditioning. and my shirt was damn wet and i could squeeze water out of my shorts -.- but it was fun! after that was doing of race plan. ahaha! omgxxz, im totally lost luhh. everyone had a clear idea of what they were going to do like 1week before the race and i dont.
righhhttt. so i've got to plan my diet, my exercises im going to do 1week before standard chartered marathon on 7dec. haha. kayy, im going to draw up my race plan now. ;DDD so exciting. haha!

ohoh, tri camp on 15dec :D and and next year got biathlon and some other competition. MUHAHA! im joining!
ohcrap, i forgot to practice my piano. my concert's THIS COMING SATURDAY!!!! and my grade5 practical exams is on next year march, grade5 theory exams is on next year sept, grade6 practical is next next year march and so on. and i think i'll be jumping grades. but that means i have to work extra hard on my pieces. tsssskkk.

i want to go out!!!!! :( tailiii, bolt movie okay? :D
time for bed. i've got to sleeep early everyday till race day. tsk. and i've yet to study for esfac test tml.... and termtest is in less than 2weeks. ARGGGGHHH!!!
my eyes are hurting me, cause of my contacts >:[

absence makes the heart fonder