Friday, November 28, 2008

omgggxxzz, life is so hectic nowadays! today had classss and 2 tests, i mean quiz. yeahhh. and i did rather badly for my hcde labwork -.- i even failed one. damnit!

im kinda afraid that i might retain sem1.2 cus im like totally lost in every aspect. and all my commitments are taking up most of my time. i guess my free time are study and revision time. i want to go out shopping though. tsk. tsk. tsk. chye chye chye.... i gotta pull my socks high up if i dont want to get retained =/ terrible thought of that. irks me much.

time for bed. gotta sleep damn early from now till marathon day, which is on the 7th. and i've yet to draw up my race plan! or rather, finalise it. -.- yawn! guess i'll do it tomorrow during my lounge duty! tml i'll be swimmmingggg with bestieee and lounge duty at 3. muhaha! seeyouuu, its 103am!