Friday, November 28, 2008

i bathed with a dead lizard just now and chester is obsessed with drawing boxers(boxes like how he says it. LOL) on stickman. and he drew something damn cute which is .................................

chester drew his interpretation of me. he mentioned "i drew the bangs!". haha, thanks luh chester u damn cute, and the boxers as well! HAHA! next time shall make u piggyback me more. heh!

kay, my house is damn noisy now and im friggin hot. hot as in WARM HOT!!! and anyone can trigger my angry nerve right now. my house is noisy mainly because of my naggy mom. my bro just came back from his hostel and he's going off to genting now. he's still doing some last min packing and my mom just keeps scolding him, AND ITS DAMN ANNOYING! UGHHH! and she's gonna nag at me later as well. cus the things im supposed to pack is kinda equivalent to my bro's luggage.

tomorrow's LIVELIVE concert full dress rehearsals! and GARAGE sale at UAN office! and PIANO PERFORMANCE AT STIRLING ROAD!!! omfg! i have to bring all my clothes for fulldress rehearsals, my garage sales items, my donation items, and my performance outfit and piano score. OMGGGGG!!! im gonna bring a luggage tml. i look like some mad woman! gosh. and i have to wake up at 6ish tml morning! ARGGGGHHH.

my schedule for the week
sat(tml): LIVELIVE fulldress rehearsals, garage sale, arena warehouse sale to get swimming costume, piano performance
sunday: piano class, project at weijie's house
monday: class, hospitality quiz, intht project, triathlon, cds lec
tues: class, moe quiz, touch rugby
wed: class, event/mediacorp
thurs: standard chartered counter crew(full day)
fri: standard chartered counter crew(fullday), collection of my race pack
sat: standard chartered counter crew(fullday)
sun: STANDARD CHARTERED MARATHON!!!! weijie house for proj n study

12dec: esfac termtest, entrepreneur workshop by Great Eastern, go home pack bag for concert stayover, stayover at UAN
13dec: stayover/bonding at UAN
14dec: go home from stayover, piano class.
15dec: triathlon camp
16 & 17dec: FREEEEEEE
18dec: OTCW (if i get in as GL)
19dec: OTC halfday, go home pack bag for concert preparation and stayover, go over to RELC hotel for rehearsals, stayover at RELC hotel
20dec: LIVE LIVE CONCERT!!!!!!!!
21dec: piano class
23dec: stayover form 22dec, go home in afternoon, pack bag for overseas, leaving spore in evening
23-27: OVERSEAS!
28dec: piano class
29dec: school resumes

my organiser is jampacked!!!! im soooo looking forward to xmas, new year countdown, and MY BIRTHDAY!!! which falls on tp open house and im helping out still! then it'll be clubbing on my bday! any 18years and above people who wants to club on 9jan, u're more than welcomed to join me on 9jan(:

meanwhile, in this year and the next, i gotta start training for couple of things.
1) biathlon
2) some race yanlin told me that's happening in nxt yr march (1.5km open water swim and 5km run)
3) grade5 piano exam in march09
4) grade5 theory exam in sept09
5) grade6 piano exam in march 10
6) grade6 theory exam in sept06
and so on so forth. that's my current plan for now. hahaa!

time to pack my luggage! or else im gonna have a hard time coordinating everything tomorrow morning. heh! till then! i promise to upload photos when times aren't so busy
1) jack bbq 2) fatty's bday party 3) music awards 4) extreme camwhore with paul in intht lec 5) grand copthrone dinner 6)iguides 7)tpsu 8) dont forget the lyrics and more to come. stay tuned!