Sunday, November 30, 2008

not a very smooth day yesterday. tensions, nervousness built up. but nevertheless, we're still a family of UAN(: i'll give my best shot in whatever i do!!

piano performance was alright. and i bumped into a whole big group of tp visualcentral ppl at chinatown when i was helping to give out flyers to promote our garage sale going on in UAN office. yeahhhh. left at 445 to meet mom. drove down to performance place and had dinner first. blahblah.

today i had piano in the morning,again. haha. tcher said my pieces were not bad, as in i improved.*squeals!* came back, had lunch, served the net and im going to study for tml's hospitality quiz. damnit! there's 5 lectures i must cover for the quiz. ugh! and out of the 5 i only have 2. tsk! and and, im going over to pauline's house tonight to stayover. cause we gotta do our psps project. tml's presentation and handing up of report. so yeah, im staying over so we can do it tgt and finish it. yeah, and hopefully no troubles will arise. all's well and ends well.

kay, time for a short nap, if not i wont be able to stay up all night tonight. im exhausted.
i miss my friends! i cant wait for school to start tml. haha, that's so random. but i miss many many people. and dearest pauline, dont scare me next time okay. dont worry, u'll see me in 5hrs time and throughout the whole night.

bye world(:

p.s. im in love with secondhand serenade let it roll. its so awesome!(: