Monday, December 01, 2008

im at pauline's house now! umm, ever since 9pm i was at her place. the way i got there was damn stupid. cus she told me to take 22 from interchange and count 3 stops then alight. but unfortunately, the 22 bus had many ppl on it and i couldn't see out of the window. when i thought it was the 3rd busstop, i alighted and started walking. then i realise its kinda foreign -.- i ended up walking a super super huge circle, from east view pri to the main road leading to temasek poly -.- wth! i gave up and hailed a cab to her house. i even borrowed the taxi uncle's hp cus mine died. so paiseh laaa!

and we're doing our psps project now! our ppt slides look niceeeee. ;D it better be a good presentation tml cus we're sacrificing our study time for intht and our sleeeep! its 445am now! and we're going out to have our breakfast and come back to do slide animation and font editing and all. muhahha! we're strong mannn.

but later in the day i'll be having triathlon swimming, which by the time, i think i'll be cui already. later aft sch i'll be coming back to pauline's house to rest and study for moe quiz tml. lalalalalala. wish us luck to stay awake and finish our ppt and report! tata! my stomach's calling me!
bye world.