Tuesday, December 02, 2008


today was a fairly nice day, except the climbing stairs part. haha! righhttt, i woke up at frigggggin 530am to study MOE, but i fell asleeep when i havent even finished reading my first sentence. re-woke up and was late for quiz. but, MOE quiz was alright cus i had certain methods of getting my ans onto my paper. *wink* breakfast-ed with hongyao and bingxun, jinghao and siangphong came by later. went library to surf net and blah, but our main purpose was to enjoy the overwhelming airconditioning! :D :D

ohhh! i collected my racepack tday, SAA called me to go collect it. and the gym bag is so horrid, worse than alst year's one mannn! anyway, class was a bore. shan't dwell on it. basically i only listened in maths tut, the rest of the classes i had tday was spent watching videos on my ipod(: i think i gotta add more movies inside. muahhhaha! esfac lab ended early and since there wasn't touch rugby i went home early with johnson! and boohoo, it was raining so heavily. so i decided to alight at sengkang then take 88 home. and nice johnson accompanied me :D thennn, i got the stupidest thought. "i want to eat" after much hassle and bussle, we took 82 to rivervale plaza, when we could hav stayed on 27 to go hougang mall to eat. ohwells! fickle chye. hahaa! so we had teabreak-cum-dinner and talked a wholeee lot bout our past jobs. zommgg! johnson dammmmn funnnyyy! he told me bout last time when he, ruixing and jonathan worked in carefour. OMGGG!! the fishtales, scolding of indian lady, kope food, mimicking other ppl, playing with crabs etc etc are super hilarious!!!! i swear! u can just laugh yr head off man! work with them sounds fun! :D hahah, they will make u laugh non-stop.
talked till 730 then went homeeeee. had dinner again, watched tv and im going to do my intHt report nowwwww. stupid hospitality and tourism thingyy, the report is worth 20% mannn!!! and i dont think im going to do alot tonight, im falling asleeeep. tomorrow is a long day, gotta sleep early.

tomorrow's schedule
9-12plus: class
12plus-1240(latest): meeting
1240-145: travel to mediacorp
2-3plus: heygorgeous stuff
3plus-5: travel back to tp
5-6plus: meet ruth and GL briefing
6plus onwards: triathlon! & dinner

WOW. i think i better prepare some cash for cab man! no matter what confirm need take cab.. okay, back to report doing. and sleeep early! nights in advance. (:
small peek of grand copthrone dinner pictures. lots more to comeeee(((:
chyeeee, dingggg, and wilfred at the back...


grand copthrone(: