Thursday, December 04, 2008


tday's heygorgeous audition was alright. haha. i think the top4 girls and top4 guys of each schools were called down for audition tday. we assembled at the reception, got pass and walked in. then got audition, with 3 judges and 1 camerawoman. then we had to do self intro, and hobbies, sing/dance, catwalk, do some shoots. and the worse thing of all was that, all of these had to be carried out in CHINESE!!!! i had to converse with the judges in chinese. ZZZOOOMMMGG! I SWEAR ITS FRIGGGGIN TERRIBLE! i keep adding eng words inside and the whole sentence sounded WEIRD! seriously. -.- dammmn stupid!
and so they picked the heygorgeous for each school, 1 guy and 1 girl. for tp, its serene from business and derek from engine(((: CONGRATS!!! do tp proud yeah??! :D :D u know we got to see the schedule already. briefing is tml, shooting and filiming of trailer is on 9th, more promos and filming on 10-12dec and the real thing only airs on 9march. haha! and those dates are termtest dates!

anyway, all 3 of us made friends with each other and we went back tp tgt, cus there's the GL briefing. met ruth in tp and derek met his friend. went for lounge put bag den to design for some food. then had stomach ache and was late for training. didn't go for GL briefing cus it starts at 630 and i've got triathlon training at 530. yup, so i gave it a miss.
training was okayyyy. but the exercise part. omg! had to kneel on the rough track and all. and both of my knees now has bruises on it. DARNIT! =/ training ended early, bathed and had dinner tgt (:

and right now, im doing my introduction to hospitality and tourism report which is such a bitch, cus it weighs 20%. and my eyes are closing so i think im turning in now. there's no school for me tomorrow and on friday as well cus i've got standard chartered marathon race pack collection helpout to do. yeahhh, so i've got LOAs and im missing 2 days of class and missing out lots of things. yet again. tsk! i have a strong feeling im gonna retain this sem -.-
kay, i better sleep early, tml's a long and tiring day, till saturday. and sunday's MY MARATHON! ;D

time check: 220am, i gotta wake up at 6ish later. nightynights!(: