Monday, December 08, 2008

all the sleepless nights, angry customers, rising tempers have finally ended! haha, sorry for not maintaining my blogggieeee. cause for thurs till sat i was at expo, working/volunteering for standard chartered race entry pack collection, counter crew(: (: (: thankyou johhhhhn for being my awesome counter support, and our dynamic duo style gave us topcounter yo! ;D ;D three cheers for everyone! hahaa

basically,everyday was pretty normal. we reported to work at expo at 9am everyday, have subway/mac breakfast first before stepping into hall5, and showing off to everyone that we had nice breakfast and they had to eat cheapo oily breakfast that was provided. LOL! the we, meaning sharon, yufei and myself, cus we go there together everyday. then we change into our volunteer shirts, which is sooo nice that yongming/heng are jealous! HAHAHA! and then we go to our counter and sit there and wait for the doors to be opened and people to start flooding in. day1, i had a friggggin bad customer who demanded for her name to be changed and yet doesn't want to queue up to change it cus she has an appointment at 230, and that she has queued for 2hrs just to get to my counter. she claims she will make a lot of noise if the cert is not her correct syllabus, which is just ONE letter difference. WTH. day2 wasn't that bad, we even had random 15min breaks. compared to day1, ppl who came on day2 are the smarter and not so kiasu type. on day3 are the seriously slack and dumb ppl. cus the shirts went out of stock on day3 and there were many many angry faces and tempers. so much that we didn't had the original happy mood to serve them anymore.

but overall, it was a nice experience to work with them, and the SU ppl bonded even more. yeahhhhh. love you all! i love the shirt! haha! im gonna wear it during training days. MUAHAH!

speaking of school, i think i missed out alot on school and termtests are drawing near and i haven't even touched my books yet! to make matters worse, my TBP book is with taili!!!! and i cant study for it! so now i can only do math. -.- ughhh, i soo hate maths, but i gotta pretend i love it, so maybe it will give me easy qns. HAHA! what a chyeeee logic.

today was standard chartered marathon, 10km for me! and im damn happy cus i managed to hit my target which was to run below 1hour. and i did it! i ran 58min today! but stupid darren damn fast, i must try to catch up with him the next time. i swear i will. but first i gotta swim more and brush up on my swimming.. so i think im gonna go swimming like on mon(training), wed and thurs(aft concert rehearsals end). i must improve. OHYES, im planning to join tp wakeboarding leisure(: haha! canoe polo sounds not bad too, but i think it clashes with triathlon. :(

okay, my eyelids are drooping, i gotta sleep already. plans for tomorrow are.....
1) going to visit granny
2) going tampines to see the cute little poor dog outside derek's house
3) going either tm mac/airport to study with derek the idiot.

i tell u, derek is super mean. he keeps speaking of my sweaty running singlet. and nic isn't any better, keeps speaking of my jeans which i wore during REPC. idiotttxxzzz.
alrighty, gotta run to my dreams now.