Thursday, December 11, 2008

TOTAL BUILDING PERFORMANCE WAS A TOTAL SCREW UP. damnit. anyway its over, no use crying over split milk, im bound to fail. maybe by luck i'll pass.

updates on my life!!! ;D

MONDAY! was a public holiday. but it was no rest day for me. went to granny's place to visit her and cook lunch for her. studied math at the same time. left at 3, bused down to tampines to look for pig. got a set of instructions from him on how to get to his house. but i got up the wrong lift and ended up at the wrong side of his block -.- and this uncle in the lift was being too overly concerned to me that it freaked me out. anw, why i go to pig's house? cus i wanna see the unexpected visitor he's been telling me about since she turned up at his doorstep. HAHA! dammmn cuteeeee. that little dog! played with it for awhile, den brought it downstairs to his friend's car. damn cute laaa seven :D his fren drove us to airport and we studied at mr bean @ T3. till bout 7pm, made our way to belt42, to pick up ms YOLANDA! and pig followed as well. haha. waited for paddygoh to arrive, and she made a weird gesture that she wants to go toilet. LOL! dinnered at CRYSTAL JADE okay! not CJMB. HAHA! after a round of horrible chinese speaking time, we separated. sent yo to cab stand and paddy went off to take bus. pig and i went to study at macS! haha. but we ended up playing tictactoe, christmas tree and bingo. PIG DAMN NOOB SHIT!!! lose to me in bingo for 4 times!!! NOOOOOBBBB!!!!

homebound around 10 plus 11??? yeah. pictures of the day!

my new pet tortoise!

wrapping paper(:

derek's friggin cool studyguide! which says "chapter 4, just read only, close one eye only. relax only. " DAMN FUNNY!

seven and original owner


sooooo cuteeeee! ;D

goood seven!

i know u'll miss us.....

:D :D :D

was emath2 paper. sectionA was manageable, but sectionB was a horror! i couldn't do like almost everything. but im crossing my fingers that i may have luck to pass. HAHA! ehh, after math paper, met pig at tampines mall. was deciding where is one place where we could eat and study at the same time. decided on Phin's grille. had our meals, and desserts and started studying. then we ordered finger food and halfway we started talking. some dumb pig ordered 2 baskets of fries and 1 basket of sotong ball, when the sotong came with fries. in the end, 1 basket of fries was thrown away... okayyy, so the moral of the story is never to study in a food outlet, u'll just think/smell of food and lose your concentration to study. HAHA! pictures as follows;

i swear his skin gets red so easily, that i can always see my handprint on him whenever i slap him. MUHAHAHA!

piggggggg and chyeeeee ;D

left hand side is my pretty face, right hand side is derek's ugly mouth-ed face. HAHHA!



WEDNESDAY!!! which is today! which is TBP screw up day. zzzzzz guess what! i actually plan to wake up at 7 to study, but some stupid shit made me wake up at 615 to morning call him, give him 15min grace period to sleep awhile more, and then morning talk with him. yuppppp. what a nice and lovely person i am! lalalalalala, was late for test, got in late, came out early. like not even 30min passed, i left the examination room already. cus i really donno how to do and staring at the paper makes me even more stressed! so might as well leave, cus i know the stuff i havent study finish yet are the ones i left blank on my Q ppr. ohwells.

met pig n frens at lib. went gym! yeahhh, long time since i exercised! gymed gymed gymed, ended off with a run with pig. bathed, had lunch with his frens, but i didn't eat. muhaha. went to lib to studyyyyy! ;D and i did study okay. haha. his sneezing friend, kaiming, left at 6odd cus he was sneezing like a typical ah peh at the coffee shop. HAHA. and im so nice to give him my pack of tissue. ;D

stayed on to studddyyyy until 7ish. i got hungry, went opp school to have prataaaaa! then i was boarding the bus when i realised my ezlink card has no money and i quickly ran down and plopped beside pig. hahha! and pig's my life saverrrrr! he lent me his ezlink. HAHA! yaayyyy!! thankssssss!!!! boarded the next bus and guess what?!! i didn't fall asleep today!!!! but the long-haired girl next to me fell asleep and her head and hair kept hitting/lying and swishing at me. i counted, approx 25times! now i know how i am when i sleeep on the bus unknowingly... hahaa! picturesss as below!

sensitive eyes. vain pig.


super grosssss shoesssss!!!! ahahha!

WEBCAMMMIEEEE just now. hahaa!

END OF THE DAY! and its on a happy note! (: yay! tomorrow i gotta wake up at umm 7am odd?? morning call pig at 9plus, reach NP busstop at 10am, meet adam. study with him at NP till his exams, which is at 4pm. then i'll come home and continue to study. im so studious! HAHA!
time to hit the sack! my eye has this swell at the bottom lid, and its like obstructing some of my vision. -.- lets pray that it gets better tml. nightynights!