Friday, December 12, 2008

"Derek wishes that he can go back to year1 in TP whby hitting the restart button" ; and that's the joke of the day! :D

hellooyooo! more updates!

thursday! was a study day! went over to NP to meet adam! and he's so nice to get me starbucks breakfast and bearrrr! :D haha, thanks! studied in NP library and had lunch at canteen2? then explored around NP. haha! their chicken rice is not bad mannn! haha. then, left at 2plus, came back to tp! since derek wasn't done with his exams, met nicholas at biz park first cus he was oh-too-lonely studying in bsc room and needed company. LOL! then soon, pig was done with exams and came over biz park just as nicholas left. waited for him to eat and eat and eat, then off to library to studyyy! im such a nerdxxzz man! anw, finished studying my esfac! HURRAY! went over to tm, top up ezlink, walked around, bought his nice smelling shampoo -.- and i cabbed home! HAHA! cus too tired to wait for bus. just nice pig's bus was at the back of my cab. yupp.

plain smiley

smiley got themselves names!

friday! IS THE LAST DAY OF PAPERS!!! and i think i can pass esfac! MUAHHAHA! came sch dammmn early just bcos of stupid pig; to pass him a pen for exams use -.- HUR! exams was alright, came out, went swimming and pig went gym. just nice, darren also wanted to go swim, so we went tgt. and im superrr dark now. like DARK CHOCOLATE MOCHA! *wink* LOLLL!!! went biz park to eat with pig and friend. then off to their SIP lab to study. but pig and i ended up watching youtube videos of the nice mirotic song and etc. haha! left ard 3pm. went to visit RJ cus she's siccccckk. get well soooon! waited for mom at mrt and got my stayover bag. went to UAN for stayover. left halfway cause of piano rehearsals.
more updates and pictures coming up! hahhaha! stay tuned! closely tuned.