Monday, December 15, 2008

hello all lovelies! im talking to baby now and he's superrr funny. love you la! ;D

okay, someday over the rainbow, we went drinking. we as in derek, timothy, edric, shaun and gary! eh we went fashion bar first, caught up with the the 4 guys, shared a jug of long island tea with derek. slack chill awhile, then went over to seesha placeee. haha! no tables outside, so went inside to wait. meanwhile, we ordered quite a number of shots. cant rmb how many i had, but i think abouttttt umm 6? then seesha-ed outside.. went with derek to get breezer at 7-11. and the ugly came out of me, vomiting. yeahhh. sorrrrrry guys. soon, all the guys came over. cabbed back to tampines with derek and stayover. lots of funny stuff happened. LOL!
*wait for your friend to come back la*
next morning, woke up at i dont know wad time, went down for brunch, tabao-ed food for his mummy. then cabbed back to house area.

today went movie with derek at town. since i cant go training cus of some special reasons, i might as well go out with him. caught twilight! niceeeeee(: shopped around. had a hard time searching for stage. finally found it! thanks, josephine and raychlove for telling me it closed down. HAHA! -.- derek, u still owe me one! (nono, two!) saw quite some familiar faces at town tday, the ones we both know are sharp and chris. yuppp. hmm, so many ppl in town tdaaaaayyy. haha! from pri sch-poly frens. muhahaah! went pool after that. played 3 rounds, lost 1st 2 to derek. zzzz, nvm 1 ball diff only. bleah! and i won the last round! ;DDDD muhahaha! happpyyy! home bound after that and here i am!

tml im going down ICA building to settle some passport issues, lunch with mom, shopping awhile with her, meet paddy at 1pm at orchard, shop for xmas presents including derek's, meeting derek aft his shoot, ikea n dinner tgt, do his report, talk etc. ;D
and i just ended talk with babyd! tml morning call and i will get to see you tml! i want my photos in yr lapppy! nights everyone!

hello to all, this is derek lee, from temasek poly. and he is heygorgeous hunk for tp! do vote for him or give him your support when the time comes okay! thank you everyone!!!!