Sunday, December 21, 2008

YOOO!! LIVE LIVE CONCERT WAS A SUCCESS!!! THANKS TO ALL THOSE WHO CAME DOWN TO SUPPORT! and those who wished they could be here but wasn't there. yeah. haha! photos would take some time before it arrives into my com. haha!

anyway, updates updates! my last post was on monday and tday's tuesday! omggg, super outdated laaa my blog. okay, this shows how BUSY i am! muhahaha! lets see.....

i didnt go club. went out with paddy to buy xmas gift for baby. zzzzz! we walked SOOOO MUCH okay! and after ted baker, zara, guess, levis, topman, gap, armani exchange etc, we decided on topman with a top and a scarf for my baby. ;D loveyou! hope u like it. (p.s. if u dont, just like it anw. HAHA!) went over baby's place and stayed overrrr.

came. i went home in the afternoon, packed my stuff and came back baby's house to stayover -.- haha! cus the next day was otcw! i forgot wad we did on wed....... ehhh, i think baby came over my place and we went back tgt after his filming. yeahhhh.

was otcw! i was lateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. cus both of us didn't hear the alarm clock -.- whoooooops. and it was like 8plus when i woke up, when the reporting time was 830am. heh. cabbed down to pauline's house to get my covered shoes and cabbed to school. im in HOLQA!!! and its my first and last day for otcw, cus 19 and 20 is live live concert rehearsals and the performance day itself, so i had to go! but! im very very proud that HOLQA GOT FIRST!!!!! ;DDD weilun and i were like we confirm the last one laaaa, in the end, we got first! good job holqa! love you all! though u guys didn't come in first on the other days, u're always first in my heart! loveyou all!

was stayover at relc hotel and our rehearsals. everything went well, thankfully. well, almost. and the sleeping part was -.- shall not elaborate. i didnt have much sleeeeeep and comfort. HAHA! and i was missing baby like crazy. and he's like having fun in nightwalk. hate you!

was performance day! i woke up at like 7 to eat breakfast. morning called baby, but that pig still the same as usual, draggggg and dragggggg. in the end i think his frens pulled him out of bed(well, there wasn't any bed technically. LOL). so had breakfast and went back to hotel to grab some sleep on a nice bed, cus i didnt get much the previous night. and and and, i couldn't be woken up when the time came for me to wake up. and jack said he shook me like hell and i was still zzzzzz. HAHA! sorrry laaahh, this is typical chyeeeeee. ;D dead pig/log. LOL! got ready, wash up, did my hair with the stylist. they're seriously hilarious and i love them! changed and had fulldress rehearsals for one last time. took a short break and blah blah. sooon enough, makeup time and hair touchup, and off we go to perform the very last time! it was wonderful all the people, dancing, speaking, modelling etc. I Love It.
thanks to those who took the extra effort to come down and support me despite your own activites. anw went for dinner after concert with classmates and jinxian (: looks like jinghao and jinxian could clique man! hahaha! finished at ard midnight and jinxian sent me home.

had photoshoot. shan't elaborate more cus baby isn't happy. but when i get my pictures i might post a few here. well, see how baby reacts. its all about you baby! im sorrrrrry i made u angry. anw after shoot, went shopping awhile with R at vivo and had carls jr. ;D trained back to kovan for piano class! i was late again, as usual. HAHA. hmm gotta practice more more more on my piano. my exams are drawing near! march! omggggggg. scarrrryyy.
went home, had tangyuan thingy, changed for mark's bday celebration. cabbed down to baby's house and talked for awhile. went tm to get mark present and trained down to tanah merah. cabbed over to mark's place which was like dammn near the station luhhh. hahaa! blah blah. played after awhile. had games of emperor and truth or dare or bear. yeahh, with vodka. yup. funnyyyyy. left ard 11plus. cabbed homeeeeee.
i think i became freuqent cabber already. tsktsk!

which was yesterday. met baby at 12 at ps. AND HE WAS LATE! hmphhh! u're such an ass. and i could read his mind of wanting to watch a movie. and certainly i was right. we went over cathay to eat at Astons, then back to ps to catch Ip Man. hmmm, niceeeeee. went cotton on body to buy my Pjs for SU xmas bash later on. dragged baby into the shop as well. haha! we couldnt decide anything for baby at cotton on body, cus all too girly. so he settled on his own boxers and tank. and i got myself a boxers, and i wore his shirt. heh! back to his place to change and cabbed down to school. xmas bassssssshhhh is on. excange presents and jam n hop. blah blah blah blah blah. ;D left at 11plus and we went his place's 7-11 to get barcardi. baby loussssssyyy. haha! we attempted to watch prom night, but we never made it. we were too tired.

IS TODAY! woke up at like 11plus, bathed, changed, headed to tm to eat. had pizzahut for lunch cus i was craving for it. and baby u suck! make me wait for u for so bloody long again cus of yr phonecalls. TSK! idiotttttttt. bused home after that. and im packing my luggage now! and baby's fast asleeeeep. zzzzz.
why am i packing my luggage? cus im going overseas later! wont be back till the weekend? yeah. haha! so rush right.
and there's purple outing when i return! but im nt sure if im gna go for sentosa and dinner or dinner only. plus! there's sports club outing on as well. hmmmm. we shall see. i see which on ben is going. heh! and probably derek as well.
kayyyy, i just downloaded the videos for the 3 fav songs of baby and mine, and two of them has the korean languaage in eng. MUAHAH! i can learn while im overseas. and and and i jsut downloaded the songs as well. wait for baby to send me is like waiting for next next year xmas to come. HAHA! i hate baby's phone. pffft
so i wont be in spore to celebrate xmas with u all. here's wishing everyone merry xmas and a happy new year! ;D
BYE EVERYONE! im leaving singapore now. miss me!