Monday, December 29, 2008

YOOOOHOOOOS!!! its been one week and one day since i last blogged. HO HO! lets seeeeeee. what did i do on monday???

ummm, i think i went out with baby. shit i cant rmb, i've got a bad memory :(
and tues i went overseas already. ahhaha! SH was short, nth much. Cameron Highlands was cold and fun! hahaha! and fattening. we ate like 5meals on average per day. which is damn fattening, plus there's like choc fondue with strawberries everywhere. cameron highlands is like famous for strawberries! okay, i shall blog with details when the photos are in my lappy (:

let's move on!

went out with baby after i came back. sorry purpleeee. sorry bennnyyy. LOL. supposed to go iceskating, but some retards decided not to go cus he doesn't know the way there. and he made me dress up like some noob shit in jeans n long sleeves. okay, i forgive him. so i changed out and into my dress and we went town. -.- caught pride and glory at 730pm! transporter 3 was full. walked around town, ate at thai express, camwhored! ;D fav activity! HAHA! baby sent me home afterwards. i think he got my cab virus xD

and the next day i went out with clique! baby went pulau ubin with heygorgeous ppl. its been ages since we last met up man! i guess though we changed, we still could stay as a clique and click tgt man! i love you guys deep deep. HAHA! went to aston's for lunch. muhaha. then pretty much walked ard and shopped ard num, mooks etc at cine and heeren. left town at 5, trained down to bishan for paddy's fren's party. okay. hahaha! cabbed home after that. damn tired.

today school reopened! first day of school is so slaccckkk! i ended school like 2hrs earlier than original timetable? and i was late for my first class for 30min? cool yo! tsk. met baby afterwards at stupid clinic.the queue damn long. zzzzz. went back sch to eat and bumped into SU ppl. ate tgt. went lib to slack. then gymed tgt. rest, went design school to drink. went opp school to cut baby's hair -.- it looks like umm, big head. HAHA! went back to school for my tri swim trng. and i realised i left my matric card in the gym! =/ persuaded baby to get it for me aft he bathed. heh. training was suppperrr tiring! swam 20laps of drills, 4 diff sets. then 10 sets of 50m sprints. then swim 500m timed. after that was running in the water. haha! its damn tough! and we all had to try once using this float buckled to our waist. and u try to run in the water back to the starting.. yeah, its damn funny and tough. end of training.
i realised i didnt hav towel and toiletries and i didnt ask baby to leave it behind for me to use. so i wanted to cab to his hse and bathe. when i called him, he was like at the next table only! OMG! damn surprised! turned out that... he didnt bathe at swim pool. he went to gym to get my card, then he continued to gym. when its 8pm, he came over cus trng supposedly ends at 8, but tday drag till 830.. so poor baby didnt bathe, aft gym he came straight over and passed me toiletries and waited for me. awwww, love you baby! aft that went homeeeee.
i friggin gymed, ran the treadmill and swam tday. my legs are like jelly now! and i had to stand throughout the bus ride and be hungry at the same time. TSK!

tml's tues! right after class, will be HOLQA'S DINNER! muahhaha! we're meeting at 6 at mushroom and off to tm open plaza for dinner (: love holqa! its our OTC empire if u dont know:) and im staying over at baby's place tml to thurs. after countdown. coool shit. haha!

let's seeeeee. i've got triathlon time trials on wednesday!!!!!!!!!!!!! noooooooooooooooooo!!! we have to swim 800m, then wear yr shoes and run 5km in bedok reservoir. all timed. omggggg! 3-5pm on wed. and after that, im going back to baby's house to bathe and change. and get ready for countdown party at siloso beach! muhahaha! meeting other ppl, if so, and goinggggg thereee for countdown. muhahaha! eggcitingggg. cant wait ;D

okay time for bed now, im friggin tired and out of energy. to top it off, there's class at 8am tml! which means i have to wake up at 530 tml cus i still needa pack my overnight bag. shitttoosss! better go grab some sleep now. sorry bout the photos, will upload them once i have the time. heh! love you all! stay tuned for picssssss (: