Thursday, January 01, 2009

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE OUT THERE!!!!! hope you guys had a kick ass night. :D

my countdown was ummm terrible when the phone calls keep coming and nothing made any sense to me thus making me damn pissed off at the caller/messenger. but lucky sharon and baby was there so it wasn't that bad. or else i would hav blown my top if i met him.
the bangalas were annoying.
fireworks were captivating,though short while
the people i had with me were wonderful(:
the bungee was simply AWESOME
the wakeboard was terrible =/
the hitching of cabs was fucked up
the night was nice:D

okayyy. the next big thing coming up is........................................... none other than
muhahahahhaa!!! finally legally 18 on 9january(:
so so so so so looking forward to my bdayyyyyyy. hope it'll be an enjoyable one(:

i think i should clear my long owed pictures. HAHA!

standard chartered!

sharlene and i with our bibs! muhahaa.

run baby run!

the hair before running

and the hair after running! HAHA!

standard chartered race pack collection help out days!

i swear samuel's damn artistic. he drew these on paint!!

edwin's drawings doesnt win mine. see mine on the right, so pretty! HAHA!

and john's uberly concerned with his hair back parting. HAHA!


cold storage kiddies at night.

kiasu uncle and aunty(aka yufei and sharon). LOL

these people ahhh. trying to act one working hard face, but tsktsk, does it look like they're working hard?? LOOOL.

our nice booths.

sharon and i(:

this is how the expo halls look like without the heavily congested impatient people.

and that's mineeeeeee.

working crew yo! love all(:

hi may i help you with your 10km registration? -.-
adam twinnie!

check out our chinese names!!!!

see this! its a dead dragonfly stuck on the windows of NP lib. haha!

awww breakfast by adam. and bearrrrr(:

clarke quay drinking

the name says it all. un-fantastic clique. LOL! timothy, edric, shaun and garylerrrr

drinking company for the night. (pic on right) myself, timothy, shaun, edric, gary and derek!


and the inside waiting area has this niceeeee loungy area.haha!

SEE SHA TIME. photos shall not be uploaded. not everyone was present for seesha, some went home some stayed. haha

time to hit the sack. activities for tml are as follows
1) class at 9am
2) meet B for lunch and slack(?)
3) lounge duty
4) movie with B
5) home sweet home
eggciting.lovee(: NIGHTYNIGHTS EVERYONE. ohyes, thanks paddy for tday. shhh, i think its nth alr. phewwww. haha.