Friday, November 14, 2008

yooohawwww!! friendster's down, damn! i know im rather oldie to use friendster but i prefer it to facebook. maybe cus i dont play games so facebook doesn't appeal to me. whatever.

ytd was dancedance! i simply love my beloved rayccchhh babyyy. she really brightens up my day no matter how dull or boring or reluctant-ful it is. haha! loveyou baby!
you're my sugar, spice and everything nice(:

today's CCN!! campus care network. its like a funfair day and our class sold fondue and potato salad. haha! i think we made money? yeah we definitely did. so throughout the whole process, i stood there poke fruits and marshmellow with hongyao and pouring super nice choc over it. hahhaa!! 4 hours later, weiloong took over me and i was freeee. went to SU booth, and talk crap slack buy stuff. walk ard with poh. did henna at 03's stall. hahaha. many ppl vandalised on me. but some were niceeeee. and i likeee. some are like ummmmm. nvm i appreciate it. thanks for everything lovelies of 03! lovelove(:

anyway. this few weeks have been hell busy for me. be it projects, ccas, commitments, events, camp(upcoming), rehearsals, dance, classes etc, its eating up my personal time and my beauty sleep!
and fuck i just seriously hate this particular guy. he fucking doesn't do his work properly and i seriously hate it to the max man! cant u just have a sense of responsibility FOR ONCE?!! u dont need me to remind u 24/7 to bring whatever or do whatever. do u know its damn fucking annoying??!?!?! I CANNOT STAND IT ALREADY!!!! one day if i start spewing vulgarities at you, dont blame me!

okay phewww, breathe in and out. RENNNNN!!! (quoted from pauline) im rushing project now and there's tons of things to do. im kinda disappointed in my group. initiative is not initialised here. there's some prices that needs to be checked out and not one stepped forward to volunteer.
tskkk. now got more issues to cover. and my eyelids are getting droopy.

anywayyy! my schedule for the week!
tomorrow: concert rehearsals, buying concert clothes, going out with family
sunday: piano, fmaily outing, meet shah and others to stay over in school
mon-wed: tprawks and staying over in tp, LOA for 3days! no schoooolll!! ;DDD
thurs: school, dance aft that
fri: school, dry run for fdm project game, lounge duty from 4 onwards
and after this i havent finalise my plans yet. yuppp. busy busy busy!!!

okay, im too lazy to upload photos. till then.