Sunday, November 09, 2008

YAAWWWWWNNN!!!! i just woke up from my afternoon nap. so refreshing. haha!

had piano class in the morning, and my tcher was lateeeee! hahaa. i realised i haven't been practicing much, and everytime i go on sunday, its alwys the same old thing. im always playing the same sections and not improving at all. damn! i must put in more effort in practicing my piano. my exams are in next year march man!

ohoh, and i FORGOT i hav a piano performance coming up. i know its like sometime soon, but i didn't know how soon. until my tcher reminded me tday that it was on the 29th nov! OMGAWWWDDD!!!! i have to drill my pieces moreeeee! its like still filled with mistakes! dieeeeee, cannot malu. okay, must practice more.

tomorrow's mondaaaayyyyyeeeee. whats installed for me??? umm, school, gyming with robin and alvin, triathlon swim swimmmm, and finally MOE lec. and dinner at home. my mom's like FINALLY u're coming home for dinner -.-

ohoh, forgot to blog bout one thing. that time pauline and i were in fdm clubroom taking our materials for our project, there was like this bunch of guys outside our clubroom trying to get our attention. omgg, paul and i were like eeee, freaky peopleeeee, harrass us. haha! and the pictures are as follows:

ann annxxzx and me in hcde lab(:

engine concert!

chuxian, chyeeee, pauline(:

dearest paullllliinneeee

newyorknewyork with poh(: AND AND MY FAV MUDPIEEE!

that's my house! sadly u cant see how beautiful it is, cause its another thumbdrive work. HAHA!

esfaq lab! muhahaa!