Saturday, November 08, 2008

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AWWWW! my beloved darling baby, raych posted this on her blog when i wrote this lovely poem (adapted form barney) for her so she wont feel lonely and miss me when im not around. haha!
oh, and she wants me to advertise her blogshop for her. so here goessss.
"it is My pleasure to announce that the orders number are jumping. Hopefully this spree will be successful! More than 200pairs to go. Nonetheless, continue spreading the word of this cheap lovely Contact Lenses Spree. Guess what? I've looked throught all the orders and referred to the pictures. This picture I have here are the MOST POPULAR and THE LOVELIEST one! Get more people to buy, so You can get Your orders in Your hands sooner! Spread the word, share the joy!"
so if anyone wants to buy pretttaaaayyee contact lens or clothes, u can contact raych at her blogshop(((:
im getting more tanned day by day. i pick weird and sunny hours to train my swimming. which is my only free time. yeahhh. i went swimming on fri afternoon, from 1-3. omgggg. its friggggin hotttt! and i dont know why ppl would want to swim at that time mannn! like i saw nigel and his db friends, and weiqiang as well. zzzz why would anyone swim at such an hour. WELL, unless that time was their only free time. ahhaa. lalalala, lounge duty was aweeesomeeee!! played carom! and i seriously suck at it. haha. and i cleared the first stucked pool ball at the pool table. omgggg! im so happpyyy. haah! cus its my first time doing lounge duty, didn't do last sem. so yeah.
and a random point to share. the bookshop is FRIGGGGIN CROWDED!!! wanting to buy cup noodles, sweets and chocs, you'll have to queue all the way to lau pa sat. yup. cus bookshop is having closing down sale of 30%! typical singaporean! su su damn funny, she told me this during tprawks briefing "eh! u know the tp black polo tee, damn cheap now 5.60 only, got saleeee. can buy to wear" LOL! damn cute la she! i bought mine quite some time ago. damnit! *bangs fist in the air* HAHAHAH! okayyyy cheapooo singaporeannn. hahaha! funny.
concert rehearsals was fun tday. went out with raych baby and hongyu for lunch and short walk around. love it(: went home to change into jeans and heels. parents fetched me to toapayoh for my audition. if i get in then say. hahaha! dinnered afterwards and homed. slept on the car till neck cramp -.-
tml's pianooo and family day. ahhhh, i love family day. my mom's cooking traditional family food. YUMMMM!!!
and monday's back to normal hectic life in schoool. so on and so forth. im looking forward to touchhh rugbyyyy on tuessdayyyy!!! :D :D :D
ohwell,toodles everyone! im still not done with pictures. there's a whole lot more in my hp. i'll do it tml, if i have the time. haha! nightynights(: