Friday, November 07, 2008

guess where am i nowwwww? haha. PAULINE DING'S HOUSEEEE! and we're working our ass off for our project. tssskkk, people please support our event okay, we work damn hard for it.

tdayyyy was a tough day, i tried damn hard to stay awake but i still fell asleep during some classes. cus last night aft triathlon trng, i went over to robin's house to do project. yeahh. so this morning was damn shag.... pauline and i skipped 2 lectures to get the materials from clubroom and to buy from tp bookshop. yupppp. after school went to do project until my PL briefing. wooohhhh! im in PURPLEEEE! and my CL are damn coooliooo ppl luhhh! gideooon! jel! benjamin! and wynsy! ;DDD muahahha, we rock your smelly socks man! but the attire sucks big time. jeans and shirt??!?!! gossshh, how do i run?? -.-

lala tiftif, take care of yr throat yeahh? my strepsils were awesome righttt! hahaha! thank meeee;D and i wantttt fruiteelllaaaa[:

okay, shall go back to do project, time check: 3am. hahaha!
tml got hcde test! WTFFFFIISSSSHHH. i have no idea how to do it. -.- school ends at 1 for me. rehersals for some class performance, then off to swimming, must go practice my strokes more. then 3-6 shall be lounge duty. and im going off somewhere to do sth after duty. heh! awww mann, i cant support netballers with SU. sorrrrryyy. ALL THE BEST GIRLS!!!