Wednesday, November 05, 2008

hellooo alllll. today shall be a reflective post. if u dont want me to bore u, u can leave. hahaha!

tday was touch rugby day. after that had a small chat with ashley and nigel about xxxxxxxxxx. haha. yeahhh. i dont knowwwww wad to do. but i guess im not ready for anything yet. u see, i like to be a free bird. i dont like the feeling of being tied down. and i guess the meaning of being tied down is having a boyfriend. yeahhh. in my point of view, having a bf is like being tied down, u cant do some things u normally do, and u gotta be cautious of yr bf being jealous or whatsoever. that's one thing i dont like bout having a bf. its kinda troublesome. how i wish i would have one oneday and he wont tie me down. that's the best bf i can ever get. but right now, no one fits that place.

all in all, i dont think i want to have a boyfriend at this moment, i want to enjoy life peacefully, have plenty of friends, from both genders and not worry bout anything. i wonder will i get married one day. haha! cus getting married, means being tied down to one guy, your husband. so right now, i guess enjoying life is my main priority. people are nice to me, and i like that, but it doesn't mean that i have to be with that guy. yeah, i appreciate it and i hope it would continue to be like this. but just no bf relationship. yeahhhh.
i like to be a free bird(:

toodles, off to do project. tomorrow there's class, GL interview, event, proj meeting with sherry, late lunch with aizad and triathlon training in the evening. PACKED LIKE SHIT. kay nights everyone(: