Tuesday, November 04, 2008

HELLOOO!! im back form iguides camp! and that's the reason why i didnt blog. haha. and im so sorry bout the delays in pictures. im still not done yet. haha!

sat & sun
kayyy, so iguides camp was ummmm. funny in a sense that in the night it turned funny. HAHA! i came at 3pm odd. cus i had my concert rehersals before that. and poh wanted to have a last meal with me before he fly off to korea for rugby match. so yeah, dined at swensens! ;D then went back sch for iguides. programmes was okay, wet games, and i used nicolas as my shield at all times. HAHA! THANKS! washup, dinner and telematch. omg i tell u its super embarrassing.
cus 2/3 of the telematch was all about BALLOONS. and im terrified of balloons. and some people dont believe me. ahah! and i really cried when sky rubbed balloon over my head. idiot. and i went outside to sit. samuel came to see me now and then. then the popping of balloons came and i got worse outside. haha! den the president and vp of iguides saw me and brought me back to engine school. thanks. and sorry to samuel, sherry and nicolas who ran all over the school to look for me when they couldn't find me outside. sorrry and thanks alot(:
ohyes, one more thing i have to say. sherry damn unlucky, she was like cursing samuel and i fall down and she'll come and laugh at us. then in the end, she was the one who fell! HAHAHA! and there's a big ugly patch of red/brown thingy on her right knee, GO NOTICE IT! hahahah!

so we ended our activities at 1245am. went to swim pool and we jumped in to play. hahaha! until like 2am plus, we went to batheeeee. after bathing, packed our stuff and went opposite sch to eat prattaaaa. it was like 3/4am plus. and damn retarded. there's this cat which just wants to follow us wherever we go, kinda freaky. like follow us cross road, wait for us at the walkway, AND EVEN FOLLOW US INTO TP. where we saw it at the bench the next morning during our amazing race -.-""""

after break camp, we went T3 to eat popeye. the we is fdmers aka red team. i've never eaten that beforeeee mannn. ahha. damn lousy right. yeah, whatever. went home with chuxian, slept on bus, missed my stop. reached home at 6pm, unpacked everything and slept all the way till next morning 730am! hahha! yessss! 13.5hours of sleeeeepp! THE MOST IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!!!!! ;DDDD

i dont know why im so sleeepy all the time. ahha! had class tday, went to print htm lec notes first. aft class ate lunch then bball with class ppl. i played for like an hour odd at 1plus and i got sunburnt now. got eh stupid singlet mark. -.- then stupid ding went to curse and it really rained. i couldn't go for training. but i went pool still. then wasted 1hr waiting, finally sky cleared
and tiong han teach me freestyle tday. yay! i dman happy. i can swim relatively well. went over to lap pool to train, did drills. my arms and legs are achingggggg!!! halfway through, had to leave cus of cds lec. put on sweater and fbts and went for cds lecccc. and i was freezing. well, not too bad. still got a little warmth. HAHAH! and im home sweet home now.
and there's stupid cds tut tml at 8am whereby attendance is graded and there's a quiz. so i gotta look through my tut notes as nicolas advised and wake up early to meet all of them at 730. shiiiaaaatttt.

okok, update on my scheduleeee!
monday: class from 9-1, break, tri swim from 5plus-650, cds lec from 7-8
tues: class 8-6, touch rugby from 6-9plus
wed: class 9-1, break, tri run 5-730
thurs: class 9-5, dance from 6-10
fri: class 9-1, break, lounge duty from 3-6, sth sth sport(not confirm) from 6-9
sat: concert rehersals 9-1, either shop or sth sth sport 3-7
sun: piano 10-11, family day or my own personal day.

PHEWWWWW. shall go sleeeeep nowwww. im super tired. gotta wake up at 5plus and its 1plus now. nightynights all! :D