Thursday, October 30, 2008

HELLOHELLOHELLO!!! im sooooo frigggggin hungryyy!! when i just ate with tri team just nowwwwwwww. ohmannnsss.

OH. tday was my first day training with triathlon teammmm! ;DDD yeahhh. haha. pretty fun. but i was like more or less running 10rounds on my own -.- cus the other freshies kept walkingggg. hahaha. but ohwells, i must train my stamina up and my physical. so this means more running and gyming! well gym must be on my own la. training damn fast, i likeeee! from 530-730. hahaha!
and and monday & fridays are swimming training. saturday is long distance running at east coast parrrrrk. check out monday, its gonna be damn cool. cus i've got friggin cds lec at 7-8 (p.s. the other cds lec is on the same day, 6-7pm WTH), so im gonna go swimming at like 545 till 655, then dry myself, wear shorts and jacket over and run to cds lec LT. lucky the pool damn near engine block. PHEW. then then, im gonna wear nicolas's jacket! haha! another layer.. and probably a cap from him. HAHAHA! damn funny. i'll be running in wet and dripping water everywhere. omg so funny.
and if i go for fridays training means i got officially no time for anything elseeeeee...

monday: class till 1, gym+exercise if can, if not aw-chye day, swim trng at 545, cds at 7-8
tues: class till 6, touch rugby till late
wed: class till 1, slack- probably lounge duty, triathlon trng 530 onwards
thurs: class till 5, dance at 630
fri: class till 1, slack, swim trng at 6
sat: tri run trng at ecp at 7am, concert rehersals at 9am. (damnit! dont know this one can anot), sth sth on from 3-7pm(sports)
sun: piano and MY ONE AND ONLY FREE DAY. which i think is dedicated to family.

HOHOHO!!! cooooollll righttt! my new timetable. hahaah!!!! its so jam packedddd! loveeeee itttt. hahaha! kay, not really, cus i got no time to rest. but i willl find time to rest somehow.
through sleeping in lec/tut/labs!

so so so! tday i ponned tbp lec to go help out SU road showwwww. muahahah. anyone who hasn't changed their tp outlook mail to windows live, u can go to the onestop student centre at business entrance, we can help u change it there. hahaha!
yupp, helped them tilllll 4? debrief at lounge. slack awhile, met darren at sports complex. changed, slept at the stands. woke up, go triathlon training. cool cool. had dinner with them. bused home, and im here. haha!
tml still got road show, but i'll be helping form 1-2 only, cus i got classsses. and 1-2 is my lunch break which im sacrificing. and and tml got no dance, cus got schoool event! hahahaha! cool coool. gotta rush again tml, cus class ends at 5, and we gotta meet at 6 or earlier. yuppp. seehow lor. i shall go to sleeeep now. im too tired to think anymore. till then!