Monday, October 27, 2008

YOO HOOO!!! now im gonna blog on my chalet days(15 oct-17 oct) with 03. ;D i know its overdue, but ohwells, i do take some time to organise the photos and the post words okayyy. haha. here goes!

morning had project then bought some bbq stuff, cabbed down to chalet K with sikai and pauline.

met suqin, ben and angela. went inside put all our stuff down, and got all the fooood and drinks in. ate some food, applied insect repellent! yesss! thanks jia for that wonderful repellent. and not many mosquitoes bit me.

love this pic, super cute. haha!

kay, so watched tv for awhile, then went to bbq, but i didnt do much luhhh. cus jia is superb at bbqing. haha! accompanied suqin, angela and francis to send juwita home at busstop. then decided to take a walk and also wait for weilong to arrive, which took forever! walked and talked along the way(: went over to cheers at changi village to buy drinks. haha! omggg,the cashier at the counter friggggin GAYYYY!!!! omg, but he's damn hilarious. i love to laugh at him. but angela told me he sort of diao me, like dont welcome me in the store. HAHA! omgggg. so cute laaa he. and he's like oldddd, cus he has white hairs. yeah anw, we bought long island tea and thirtythree. drank outside cheers and talked. walked to busstop and waited for weilong to arrive. francis damn funny, waved at the wrong guy and that little kid on the bicycle rode over my toe. WTFFF. kill him then have.


huiling & yiling's present for us from genting. aww so sweeet. love you!

walked back to chalet, played twister and some other games upstairs while others played mahjong. dammmmn takglam laaaa the twister. all our positions were damn awkward. robin said i shouldn't play twister next time, cus my positions are damnn errrmm. there's more that are damn awkward but im not posting them up. ahha!

haha! camwhored afterwards. then got short blackout. HAHA! u know whyyy?? cus of chuxian's hp charger. HAHHA!damn retarded. chuxian damn funnyluhh. haha! decided to go back outside to bbq again. haha. but needed charcoal and all. so calvin and i went to buy them at cheers. walked down (for my second time) and talked on the way. omggg, i got freaked out cus of OCH stories. got down to cheers, but my beloved gayyyyy staff was off shift already. damnit. bought charcoal and mixers and walked back. eeeeek, creeeeeeepppyyyyy placeeeee. got back, bbqed stuff and went to bathe shortly after with suqin. we talked throughout bathing, haha! if not will feel damn scared inside. hahaha.

Aft bathing, joined the guys in playing zhong ji mi ma with alcohol. Mixed absolute vodka first. Play until the whole bottle finish den we took a break. Hahaa! Some left and some went to bathe. Then aft break, we continued playing game with chivas12. Hhaaha! Omggg, super fun can! Got a little tipsy and high and started running around and talking damn loudly. Now i know when im high, i talk real loud(according to jy and Pauline) HAHA! Then i think we camwhored, and weilong’s pics are super hilarious! Hahaha!
the following pictures are taken when we were all high already. haha!

Walked down to changi village with some of the halfnaked guys. Haha. Slack ard, donno wad to do and went back to chalet again. Slept at wad 6 or 7am??? Yeah, all 10 plus of us slept on 5beds in one room??

there are more ppl but just not captured in the picture. (from the back: suqin, me, robin, weilong, ben,gary and etc)

haha, cool cool. And some ppl left in the morning when all of us were all soundly asleeeeeeep. Soon after someone called me up but as usual dead log chye took quite some time to be woken up. Finally i woke up, washed up and packed my bag. Decided to stay one more night, so had to pack my bag and go home get more stuff. Everyone left chalet, some went down to change village to eat, some went to send suqin’s mom off at airport, some went home. Haha.

angela and i at busstop outside our chalet(:

I went home, printed timetable, got more clothes, went for dance. Met raych at raffles den go off for dance. Left at 9 cus dad called me home for emergency stuff. Blah blah. cabbed down to pasir ris for kevin’s bday party chalet first. Damn funny i swear. We had 2 cakes and as expected one cake is for playing. So my face got smashed with cake and it went into my contacts and my clothes were all smeared with coffee cake. The worst part of it was that 2 of kevin’s friends opened 2 bottles of beer and poured all over me and Nicole. Wow, talk about smelly and sticky clothing. Dammmmn grosssss! Hahaa. But it was fun. Helped Nicole to wash up and left soon with Winston. Cabbed down to yiling’s house, picked her up and to our changi chalet.

DIRTTTTY DIRTTTTYY! cant really see cus its too small. haha!

and i swear the room that we stepped in smelt like beer and dirty clothes even i was clean. Hahaa. Soaked my dirty clothes and batheeeeddd. Mmm, nice smelling again. Haha! Watched tv played sth i forgot wad. Then Winston came downstairs and we started drinking the chivas. I damn lousy can, keep losing to Winston and i finished almost all the chivas that was left from the day before, which is alot. Hahaha! And my face turned red and rashes came out! But it was on my face only. So i don’t think im allergic to alcohol, just too much of it that night.

redfaced chyeeeee. ;D haha!

i squashed robin on the bed when i wanted to lie on it. HAHA!
Then calvin said i cant sleep, cus if i do and wake up shortly after i’ll puke or sth. Yeah, and we had to check out soon. So calvin talked to me for the entire early morning. Both of us left at umm 8? i went over to pauline’s house at 11 to sleep and her bro’s bed is super hard i swear. Haha! Woke up at like 430. Packed up and left for school. Thanks Pauline for everything(: went sch for SU sports day. Haha! And i still had the energy to play and jump around and my team won captains balllll. Yay! They went to play touch rug but i couldn’t cus i promised poh to go down and watch his rugby match.

Took 23 down to boonkeng and the journey was frigggggin long! Met Kingston and ryan and cabbed down to SAS. Went to the field and they’ve started already. Yup. And Kingston explained alottttt about rugby to me. Thanksss! Fetched paddy to the field and watched rugbyyyy. After the match waited for poh with paddddddy and went for dinner with poh’s friend, sam! I had my longtime craving, pratas! Hahaha! Trained home afterwards.
OKAY!! TOMORROW IM GOING TO PLAY TOUCH RUGBY AFTER SCHOOL! like finallyyyy!!! muhahaha! and tml's my first day attachment with a sec sch girl. hahaa. i wonder how she's like. she's gonna be attached to me for 4days. haha! we'll seeee. toodles! project time :/