Sunday, October 26, 2008


haha! im still organising my picturesssss! ohoh, fel's party was fun! met many many ppl, and some of them were like somehow linked to the ppl i know. like ryan, my cousin's xcountry friend, is in tp now. gosh, the world is damn small. and quite a number of the guys there are from tp. HAHA! fun fun fun!

and to glenda darling! u'll never be orgotten.
HAPPY 17TH BIRTHDAY!!!! hope that 1211am was memorable for u. hahaah!the last bday wish(:

ohyesss,everyoneeee. please vote for me on 3nov onwards. for now, u can go to this website, select temasek poly and comment on my profile(: thanks!

whookay, shall leave now. my eyes are seeing stars, from doing project for 4hours just now, re editing the report and revising the prices. hmmm, i think i revised it well. haha! well, its the best i could do. okay, parents are rushing me already. we're goinggg to umm marina degree or sth to dine. i love the yacht(:

hahaha! hongyu's convo! damn fuunyyy.