Friday, October 24, 2008

im so damn troubled! i dont know what to do now. half of me wants to do so, the half of me doesnt. i dont knowwwwwww. i just got back my life. and i dont know if my mom will once again allow me to do so. i really dont know. i need to talk to someone else outside the entire situation.
part of me wishes im back.

well, that aside. tml's gonna be a long full day. tsk. ams nv inform us bout the runway race, making us all so confused bout the race. turns out, the race is still on tml. and i've got to cancel mr wong's event. so sorrrrrry. if i dont go race, the guys will be mad at me, cus they might get disqualified. and participating in the race means that there's a possibility of me not going for my fren's party. cus i'll be late and no point turning up when everyone's leaving. i'll see how the situation tml. tsskk, sacrifice again. in any case,

I LOVE YOU TONS OKAY! even if i dont turn up tml(i'll try my best to do so)

okay i should turn in now, and mull over things in the night.
when darkness falls, its a good time for self reflection. ain't i right, CA? (: seeyou tml.

anw, i promise photos and more updates on chalet coming up real soon alright? stay tuned everyone!