Monday, October 20, 2008

SORRRRRY PEOPLEEEE!! i dont have the time to blogggg. shall give u a brief view of what's going on in my life now and for the past few days.

wed was 03 chalet, i decided to stay on one more night. ahhaa! so meaning i stayed over till friday morning. and the drinking continues! i shall blog bout our whole 2N adventure. haha. we got real high on alcohol. haha! righhhtt, on friday, bunked over at pauline's house in the morning till 4plus. went to sch for SU's sports day. played captains ball and surprisingly i've got so much energy to jump around and block, intercept and jump for ppl's ball. haha! cool cool.
and on saturday.... we went to hospital to visit my cousin who had her operation on her throat 2days ago. she had like throat infection like me, but it swell up and in the end it was pus in her throat, so she had to go operation to get rid of the pus inside. omgggg. pain. so fetched her home fr hospital and i went off for rugby match at ccab. stupid cabby dont know his routes, cab fare was like 19bucks plus. wtffffff. most expensive cabfare.
ehhh, aft poh's club match, we went to clarke quay, B.Bs, his club bar, with his friends and all the angmoh club players. hahaa. AND I BUMPED INTO FATTTTY TOOOHH. gosh gosh gosh, my lovely babe! haha.
left at i dont know what time and poh sent me home.

today had piano class, stayed at home CHIONGGGG fdm proj. haha. finally im finished!!!! time for bed, tml's timetable like shit.
monday: 9-1, 6hrs break, 7-8 cds lec
tues: 8-10 cds, break, 11-6 class
wed: 9-1
thurs: 10-5
fri: 9-1

i dislike mondays, give me so much time to do nothing. but lucky, tml's aw-chye day! HAHAHA! yupppp. at least i've got company for quite some time. plus! tml's proj presentation at 3pm. lalalalalala. gotta catch some sleep now, waking up at 630 later on. which means i have like 3hrs odd to sleeep. nights!