Wednesday, October 15, 2008

i woder what's wrong with me. having diarrhoea and supreme stomach aches ytd and just. twice in a row. omg, im dying. LOL

kayy, soo i was online at 715am, but obviously no one is. ytd was amazing raceeeeeee. ;D we had 5 teams, some with 4, some with 5 members. my group was jingxin, pauline, kok pern and myself. each group had a tagger along(a senior-main com) and ours was fantastic gary! hahhhaa! we were all in LT41 and we played bingo to determine who goes first. my group was firsttt! muhahah! we got our first clue (which is a mushroom), a packet of i dont know what and a 1.5L bottle of water.

ran over to mushroom and found our number 1 tag. we solved a puzzle which according to gary, was DAMN BLOODY FAST. and got to tampines mrt station damn fast. played charades, 5 times to complete the station. ahaha. next station was punggol central, sky garden. OMGGG! and u know what?? that's the friggin house dad brought us to see the other time! hahahahaha! played the pick the bottle from outside the square. and the method of getting the most inner bottle? hold-your-friend-real-tight-and-support-so-she-doesn't-fall-nor-do-u. HAHA! had fun figuring out the numbers and letters. which led us to our next station, OPP CHENGSAN CC!
bused there! thanks to kokpern, our walking street directory. haah! lucky we had him on our group. hahaha! went thr, played crossword puzzle. wthhh, quite a number of terms we dont know cus its in our sem1.2 or 2.1. and since we dont hav any senior years in our group, we lost out to that. BUT! they made me eat red bean bun, WHICH I ABSOLUTELY DETEST. if i ate 1, they'll give me clue to the crossword puzzle. so in order to protect our number1 title, i sacrificed myself, and downed it with lots of h20.
got our next clue which wassss amk mac house. got there, we each had to conduct 10 surveys each. omgggg. i tell youuu.

first group of guys;
me: erm. excuse me can u help me do a survey? we're playing the amazing race game and we need 10 ppl to do survey for us. can u help
guys: ehh, sorry no thanks
-i walk away- and they suddenly they call me back
guys: ERRR EXCUSE ME! i think my friend can help u.
-i move over and hands him the pen and paper-
the guy's friends: ehhh, u want to do survey or take number
-i act didn't hear anything-
guy: err, yup. done. eh, can i have yr number?
me: HUH. errrrr. haha, i got bf leh, and he's here (points to gary)
guy: orhh. okay. nvm(:

second group of guys
me: erm. excuse me can u help me do a survey? we're playing the amazing race game and we need 10 ppl to do survey for us. can u help?
guys: okay can
-another guy joins in-
me: er excuse me, u can help me do survey also? thank you
that guy: who's yr bf.
that guy: u tell me u got bf anot, den i do yr survey laaa
me: huh. errr. there. my bf's there, he's my senior (points to gary again)
that guy: *looks at gary, cast him a look* orhh. okay.
me: thanks you *walks away*
guy friends: ehh he wants yr number
-walks away pretend nv hear anything-

LOOOOLLL. omggggg. these guys nowadays. haha. and i told gary bout the being my bf for 2min. HAHA! im so sorrrrrraaayyyeee. hahaha. moved off to tavistock avenue for the spider web climb activity. all of us had to climb up and take a group photo and retrieve our clue up there. pauline was damn terrified of the ropes and kept shouting "dont shakeeeeee" hahahaha! damn funny. but we all did it. and we were the first group still. haha! next clue was henderson waves. not exactly henderson waves. its somewhere before waves. had to take bus from serangoon north there to alexandra road. gosssshhh, damn farrrrrr.

reached! saw sherry at the busstop. she handed us a 8 photos and we had to search at the tree top walks for the exact spot where the photo was taken and take a replica of it. righhttt, so all around us was greens and trees and more. pretty hard to spot the correct one and the correct position of the bridge and stairs that was taken. haha. but we managed anw(: ohoh, we only left 1 bamboo which we didnt find. BUT! acc to organisers, that bamboo was chopped down. -.- HAHAA. so funnyyyy. found another 2 station masters. got another set of photos to shoot. and we kept walking on, till we reached henderson waves. another 2 station masters, with choong as one of them. received yet another set of photos. continued photography and got out of mt faber. BUT! we were too fasttttt. so gary was supposed to stall us and some miscommunication occurred. and we missed one stop, and went on to the next which was at vivo fountain. had to take pictures with 17 strangers. HAHA! completed with ease.

but we had to backtrack to the mrt station to find wendy for our last 2nd stop. yeah, and that point of time, wayhong's group alr caught up. and by the time we went to our final stop at sky gardenn, we were second. haha. ohwells, nevermind, we had fun right! :D
we were allowed to open our secret package, and guess what, it was AN EGG! no wonder gary kept telling us to squeeze if we want. wthh, and it was placed in my bag throughout. haha! lucky they didn't if not my new dickies would go down the drain. gary treat us to drinks and we went to play arcaddeeeeee. air hockey and theeeee throw ball at screen gameee. haha! played until jerry called for us to go back. had dinner at sky garden and group talk and photo taking session where they ostracised me. idiot shorty!
OHOH, u know throughout her entire race, her motto was to "CAI JASMINE!" (step and squash jasmine) charlotte was saying when shorty came to her station she's like "i tell u ah, i want to CAI JASMINE" hahah! stupid shorty. and i found out another thing to say bout her. cus her name's YANNI. so its like "YA NI!" (press u down)

had sooo much fun ytd ;D and i guess missing touch rugby was worth it. hahaa!
photos up another time after i've gotten hold of it.
1) jack's bbq 2)fdm bbq 3) amazing race

i must go now. i still have to compile proj work tgt, pack my bag for chalet overnight which im going tonight, bathe, change and leave house at 1050 to meet robin. project at 1pm, chalet check in at 4pm.

till then guys! wont be blogging for 2 days. chalet is tonighttttt. i bet there's drinking ;DDDD