Monday, October 13, 2008

i had a superrrrr fun catch up day with jeanne dear! met her at cine at3. saw siwing, sam and imai at cine too! asked their friends to help us buy M18 movie tickets. haha, thanks loves! (:
caught my bestfriends girl.(we managed to walk in. dont have to haha! i tell u the show is damn sick, but damn funny and nice at the same time. these kind of shows always have their expected twist inside. like tank who's on his job falls in love with HIS job (alexis). hahaha. niceeeee. but the cinema was friggggin cold inside. jeanne and i were freeezing.

went to shopwalktalk around(: i didnt get my tights:((( they were all sold out. OH JEANNE! i just rmbed sth, we forgot to go back to forever21 for that walllllettttt! ohmannn. nevermind, next time we shall go get it(: camwhored around;D

i discovered we've got lots in common! like we have the same taste in clothes and thinking! HAHA! and we both agree that bikinis are getting more pricey nowadays. tsktsktsk. we must get that newarrival sundress sometime okay! and we shall be twinnie of the day tgt(:

awwww, i so so so love youuu sisterrrr. haha, oh and we agreed to go gelare at fareast sometime and some other shopping day tgt! ;D
and and and i saw 6 friends tday! she saw 3? or was it 2? omggggawwwddd, did i mention we both have memory of a goldfish??! my 3sec partner :DDD

peeekture of the day!
specially done by jeanne love(: