Monday, October 13, 2008

ehhh, im very very lazy to bloggggggggg. i shall summarise yesterday in a few words. dance performance, fashion show, out with poh, fdm bbq. and 6 ppl came up to me ytd. either asking for number, if not some other stuff, and one asking me to take photos for amore photocontest or sth. lalalalalala, im so friggggin boredddd. i think i should go have my breakfast now, bathe and all, then go out.
im meeting dearest jeanne(: hope we can sneak in for my bestfriends girl. hahaha. lovelove her!

ahhhh. blogggg hopping now. toodles. photos up another time. jack bbq, fdm bbq, and something else which i cant remember. i wanna watch gossip girls! :D
stomach's growling. kay, bye world

ahh shitttt, my dad jsut called, he told me to prepare to celebrate xmas overseas. craaaaappp! when i wanted to attend so many xmas parties!!! damnit. think we're flying off on 24th, returning on 28th night, then school the next day.... zzzzzz. damn, this time either going hongkong or shanghai. i think he has a meeting conference at one of these two countries at that time, so see where we shall go. but! im gonna pack tons of money for shopping. hopefully we go hongkong, cus next yr's vtcds going shanghai, and i definitely wanna go. MUAHHA!

ps i think kingston's obsessed with cockroaches. HAHA!