Saturday, October 11, 2008

OHHH!! i realised i havent blogged for like 2-3 days??? gossssh, i lost track of timeeee. ;D

im damn bored. i dont feel like uploading pictures. haha. im damn lazy. i shall talk and talk and bore u to death.
HAPPYYYY 19TH BIRTHDAY JACCCCCKKK!!!! u're 19 years olddd, not 20, dont worry. haha! shall upload pics when i get it. (: okay, i shall tell u of this wonderful story that happened on friday.wait, but i have to start with the day first.
mr dear old robin was lateeee for ONE HOUR, so i rotted in sch. kay, he arrived and we went gym. and then went to swimming pool to enquire bout the booking of pool for an event etc. went out, den went back again -.- to bathe. and the lifeguard said this....

LG: u know right, if u go out already, u cannot come back in
me: huhhhh?? whyyyyy? can waddddd
LG: cannot. but nvm laaa, i let u in this time
me: orh, kayyyy. thanksss
LG: kiddddding laaa.
me: -.-

ahfaifheinacwcnhcmwexthu. zzzzzzzz. since it was early we had lunch at engine canteeen. ;D stupid cheeena ppl keep looking, i gorge yr eyes out den have. walk walk walk, pooof i saw a teletubby infront of me! POHHHH! hahaha! went lib to slack since our grp members weren't here yet. i discovered the lib's com has msn. haha. shhhhh. went to poh's lab to conduct our meeeting. hahaha! ended at 5 odd. JUST NICE. stayed on awhile at poh's lab till he has to go for rugby and i hav to go for jack's bbq. nice teletubby sent me down to summers garden at tanah merahhhh. haha, thankssss mister pohhhhhhhh, and sorry bout that summon on bus lane =/ haha! and here's the funny story parrrt. raychel told me mark's unit is __ and told me the directions to get there and asked me to wait. so i walked dowwwwn to the basement and i walked to the end and realised that the doors were on my left. so i backtrack all the way to the front where its mark's place. and then! i called raychel, ask her if im at the right house but she didnt pick up cus she's on the other with dajie. anddddd, i thought that i looked real suspicious, in my bulgy dickies bagpack and standing outside at someone's basement, like i wanna rob the house or sth, so i pressed the door bell. then mark's mom opened the door and im like *gives a super shocked look*
me: *gasp* errrrrmmm. is this mark's house?
aunty: ohhh. u're mark's friend?€
me: erm yeahhh.
aunty: *shouts MARKKKK and brings me upstairs*
HAHAHHAAH! omggg, and raychel came running down exclaiming im suppperrr drama! and mark who was in the shower heard all this and said im sooo drama. now, my nickname is dramachye(: HAHAH! okay, i think the robbing part is super hilarious but ermm, stupid. hahaha

so we wentttt sempang bedok to eat and i had my lovely soursop with longan :D yummm. cabbed down to ecp and darling raychel had to blow & BURST 3 balloons on the cab. making me shiver with fear everytime. miracle i didnt cry. fyi, im paranoid of balloons, well, the blowing and bursting part. but i like to hold a proper balloon. HAHA! okaaay, we finally arrived at jack's bbq and he had hugggs from everyone of us. xueliang was damn hilarious she's like "haha, we earn more, ppl shake hand only, we HUG" hahaha! but ohwells, its like uan style, we huggggggg everyone we know(: awwwww.
anyway, camwhored ALOT with darlinggg baby raychel. send me those pictures kayyy? ;D thankssss love! had fooood, made some friends, weird ones even. haha! mama came and others. had cake and blahblahblah. teletubby came and fetched me to chomps for suppperrrr. but i was kindaaaa full so had carrot juice ;D hah! and teletubby felt baddd for making go all the way there and not eating, when its midnight and i have to wake up at 6am tml morning. hahah! poh sent me home afterwards and lucky mummy didn't say anything. hahah! LUCKY ME.

todayyy!!! i woke up lateee, at 645am. zzzz, rushed to pack everything and eat and etc. rushed down to office, cus i was gonna take bus, and the journey's 1hour. but i was early. i bombarded my darrrrlinnngg partner allen with 26missed calls, and he finally woke up. omgggggawwwddd. lucky he stays at sentosa (really! the condo in sentosa), so quite near office. haha. had rehersals tday. mmm, quite satisfying. gotta practice more(:
changed aft rehersals, met mummy for shopping at orchard. bumped into dion and dajie loveeee! ;D bought skirt at pumaaaa(thanks to robin's lovely friends who gave me discounttttss), flats at fareast, heels at topshop. bloody hell, damn hard, but i like. HAHA! ohoh, and i wore my new dress tday(: the one i bought at fox when buying jack's present ;D heh! so cute i like.

on the bus home, this stupid indian man kept pushing beside me, so i was desparate to get into a seat to avoid his pushing. and i was so desparate to get inside, i knocked my head at the aircon thingy on the upper deck of the bus. DAMNN FFFFF PAIIINNNNNNNN U KNOWWW.

LALA. i want my timetableeee. but its not up yet. i thinkkkkk.
shall show u my updated HOLItable.

sun(tml): piano, event, movie and outing with poh, fdm bbq
mon: date with jeanne
tues: fdm workshop; amazing race
wed: project and chalet
thurs: chalet activities or sth, and dance later at night
fri: TPSU sports day
sat: shopping with pauline but KIV first
sun: piano and family day afterwards. think so.

lovelove. im videocalling with raych and mark. haha! funnnyyyyyy! loveeees all! shall go play with them now. ahaha! tooodlesss. and there's a friggin beetle in my bedrooom. -.-
nights. photos up another timeeee.