Thursday, October 09, 2008

basketball with bff[:

ecstatic, would i say? or the latter? you decide

anyhows, i forgot to mention, yesterday was little meetup with bff paddy, for a game or two of basketball at kovan area. together with her 2 course friends. mmm, i hav to say, i never shoot so well before, ever since the last game i played with paddy. i could get in 2 out of 3 of my 3-pointer shots. not badddd i would say.

later on, i'll be meeting another bff, dorkkkk! she's ending her lessons at 4 and we'll be meeting at raffles's starbucks and play some catch up. its definitely been quite some time yeah. ohyeah, and how i spent my morning? watching gossip girls(: they're like the best shows ever. i'd better get more of them on my itouch so i wouldn't be bored while travelling.

tonight shall be dance dance and more dance!

what's the use of talking to someone if his sentiments are totally the opposite of mine and that he doesn't want to consider what i offer to him, and that he wants me to think exactly like him? hmm, i can only think of 3 words.
screw you jackass

tata! [: