Wednesday, October 08, 2008

i've just made a decision. well, actually it was made last night.
i hope i wont regret. then again, i dont think i'll regret most of it, due to the people inside.

im gonna miss running partner & clique, but we'll hang out, and dont forget about me(:
but this wont be the end of my cheerleading career, i've got other plans(:

&&& i hope my mom will allow me to persue my selected choice. i will reveal everything when its time. now is not the time, though some ppl might know already.
its finally coming to an end, and i can heave a sigh of relief, no more pretends. im glad.

JUST TOLD MY MOM. she didnt let me join sth, but she agreed to let me continue my passion(: haha, i kinda expected that coming, besides, i still got SU and all so yeah, not too sad. haha. time for PTS!!! ;D