Monday, October 06, 2008

heyyyhoooo everyoneeee!!!
went to pray at temple for grandfather's deathday. yuppp. dad drove me to potong pasir and i trained down to vivo. waited for adriel cus i was early. waited likeeee 45min for him?? tsssktssskk. ahaha. but okay laaa, not really his fault that he's late. lunched first at foodrepublic. had spaghetti with grilled fisssshhhyyyy. ;D

afterwards we watched EAGLE EYE! i think it's a rather nice show, lots of action! haha. theeeennnn, adriel went late for his training, heh! cus his partner was going late as well. heeeee. went toyrus! camwhored a little and played around with the toys! ;DDDD and i named quite a list of toys i want for my bday ehh.. esp that cute styrofoam alphabet floor set, 2 pacs please! *hint hint* talked for awhile with yati. and i saw qien & gang, haha, old sjc ppl. ;DDD

lalalalalala. trained over for classss. after that, met mummy for dinner at hougang mall and homeboundddd! and im lying on my mummy&daddy's bed and bloggging, so comfy [:

PTS is coming to an end! :(((( its that 10pm show on channel u. heh! ohmann, 3 more episodes to finale. and im gonna miss tml's episode cus im going for cheerleading. tsktsktsk. & my mom is nagging more than ever. omgawwwd, i cant stand her.
anyway! pictures for tday(:

that's all for tday! time to write in my journal(: gooddynighty everyone, sleep tight (: