Sunday, January 18, 2009

in the end, i didn't go out shopping. haha, stayed at home to pack my room. i swear its so much neater now. hurhur!

now i've been tasked to call/text ppl from HOLQA to double confirm their attendance on the the very important GL meeting on 28th jan. yeah. haha! kay, 7 have replied, come on peopleee!

this week's schedule!
9-10: breakfast with baby
10-1: class
1-230: hcde-learning revit 1 from scratch(thanks weijie and co)
230-5: dnd mascot duty
530-6plus: triathlo swimming
7-8: moe lec

8-1pm: class
1pm onwards B time

9-12: class
12-130: lunch with baby
130-5: dnd mascot duty
5- late night: temasek league series final matches!(:

9-5: class
free afterwards.

9-1: class
1-5: dnd mascot duty
5pm onwards, free.

WOOOOSSSHHH!!! time for bed! tml meeting baby for breakfast, since i cant meet him for lunch nor dinner. sorrry babyyy.. seeyou tml! loveee(: